Bitcoin Whitepaper Is Hidden In Mac Computers

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Readers of this blog post are familiar with Satoshi Nakomoto's Bitcoin whitepaper that started the revolution of innovations in money, web, and served as a catalyst to awaken a movement towards decentralized systems. There is yet the entire world to get familiar with the concepts of decentralization and benefits it brings to humanity. This eight page whitepaper started the beginning of new era. The era of truly understanding money, how it is created & used, and how it can be better. None of this would be possible without innovations in computer technologies. One of the innovators and pioneers in computer technologies is Apple. I was surpized to learn that Mac computers come with bitcoin whitepaper.

I have been using Mac computers for a while and have no intention of going back to Windows or even trying Linux alternatives. Apple does a great job in delivering simplicity, quality, and continuity. It is a company that has proven to be dedicated to deliver the best. However, so far it had no intentions of being involved in crypto technologies, although it would benefit the tremendously if they considered it. When I first learned that Macs have bitcoin whitepaper somewhere in the file system, that obviously triggered my curiosity and I had to find out if my Macs had them. I checked my imac and macbook pro. Both had the bitcoin whitepaper. But it is really hidden. One wouldn't just stumble upon the document, unless the intention were to find it.

It was easier with my Macbook Pro, because I already had the starting point set as Mac SSD for the file system. From there I went to System folder, then Library, then Image Capture, then Devices. The contents of this folder have .app extensions. Right clicking and clicking Show Package Contents opened another folder, Contents. Inside Contents there is another folder called Resources. Inside this folder there is file named simpledoc.pdf. This is the bitcoin whitepaper.

On my imac however, it wasn't as easy to find the document. The path is the same. However, I didn't have the starting point for the file system as Mac SSD. Instead, I used command line to go through the folders. When I found Devices folder, I simply opened it in Finder with open . command. Then same thing as Macbook Pro, right click and show package contents. Simpledoc.pdf is the name of the bitcoin whitepaper.

That is pretty cool to see. Does that mean Apple is pro-bitcoin or pro-crypto? Probably not. If that was the case, Apple would have made its bitcoin strategy public, or crypto moves already. During an interview last year, Apple's CEO Tim Cook said it clearly that while Apple supports innovation in technology, bitcoin & crypto wasn't something they were going to get involved in near future.

The interviewer asks:

What's your thought on cryptocurrency right now? Potentially accepting it through Apple Pay or otherwise?

To which Tim Cook responds with:

It is something we are looking at. It is not something we have immediate plans to do. I would characterize it as, there are things I wouldn't do, like our cash balance. I wouldn't go invest that in crypto. Not because I wouldn't invest my own money in crypto, but because I don't think people buy an Apple stock to get exposure to crypto. So, if they want to do that they can invest directly in crypto or through other means. I wouldn't do that. And I am not planning to an immediate future to take crypto for our products, as a mean of tender. But there are other things we are definitely looking at.

In this answer alone he revealed a lot about what Apple is thinking about bitcoin and crypto. Right away he made a distinction between what he would do with his personal money - invest in crypto, but wouldn't commit company money to invest in crypto. His explanation that they wouldn't want people to buy Apple stock to get exposure in crypto sounds reasonable. But I tend to think there is more to that. If crypto is good investment for your personal money, why wouldn't it be for the company? Even as just means to diversify.

I think it may have to do with Apple's accounting of their cash, and clever maneuvers they utilize to pay the least amount of taxes as possible. They already get criticized for this. Now investing in crypto with company money may raise more questions from government entities. Also, Apple is a big influential company that has business with various governments. They are not the underdog company as they used to be anymore. So, they probably wouldn't want to be among the first that choose bitcoin over fiat currencies.

While Tim Cook thinks bitcoin and crypto is interesting, that is not what Apple is about. They could have been involved in many different technological innovations, but they choose to focus on those they are good at. That I do respect, and wish them the best in continuing to deliver the best products. I do also think that Apple would be the best candidate to benefit from bitcoin and crypto as an investment and integration of the technology into their products. As a company they have the most market cap in the world and they always hold a lot of cash in fiat. Investing some in bitcoin would benefit them in a long run. But that probably would not sit well with politicians who already are not happy how Apple legally evades taxes via complex legal maneuvers.

The real potential of Apple embracing crypto would be in its integration into their ecosystem. That too may see politically not favorable move at this time. Perhaps, that is the reason Apple is hesitant to make crypto move, even thought they have all the computing and brain power to do so. For these reasons, I do not think inclusion of Bitcoin Whitepaper in Mac computers was a company decision or strategy. Nobody knows the real reason. There are many guessed. My guess is it was a response by some engineer at Apple to Craig Wright's fraudulent claims to creating of bitcoin and attempts to copyright the bitcoin whitepaper.

Do you use Mac? Find your bitcoin whitepaper. Maybe this is an opportunity to finally read the paper.

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I have been using Mac computers for a while and have no intention of going back to Windows or even trying Linux alternatives. Apple does a great job in delivering simplicity, quality, and continuity.

I just had to stop here. It's pretty fascinating how widely people's opinions can vary here.

After my windows laptop broke, it took me a few months before I could get it sent off and repaired. I had to use my gf's mac for those months, easily long enough to get the hang of the OS.

As much as I do agree the hardware, the build, is second to none, there is nothing about the OS I could really appreciate. I felt betrayed; Apple was always marketed as the best for creativity, the best for workflow, fast, smooth, slick.

I felt this was so far from the truth. It was an entirely clunky experience; it had infuriatingly unnecessary features and kind of forces you to use them until you are gaslit into thinking it's a good feature.

I acknowledge some things I simply had to adjust after so long on a windows, but many things are just objectively so much better on Windows I was almost in shock. I always begrudgingly used Windows because I was too poor for Mac, but now I feel a new appreciation for just how much better my workflow is now I'm back.

Windows for life, it has been decided. XD

It is true everybody has different experiences, habits, and preferences that may play role in deciding which devices to use. I am glad we have options to choose from. I do have to use Windows for work. Still not impressed. 😆

Still not impressed.

Unfortunately this makes us natural enemies - pity!

I have couple of macbooks at home. Will check it if contains this hidden gem. Maybe one lucky macbook has also the key to the mr.S wallet :D

That would be incredible!!!

Then all the beer is on me :D

And the !PIZZA too :) ...

Apple products is one of the most common here
It is very hard to see an household without at least one Apple product
We have people who use it in my household too but I am not yet a user
I also wish to get a Mac someday

I have a MacBook pro, I wasn't aware that my mac book actually has bitcoin white paper :D I'm going to search for it, and if I found it, I'm going to tell you :D otherwise, you need to help a little bit more to find it.

thank you for this testimony. So that means it's really true

That’s not what he said, he said he is going to look for it and if found he will let us know.

I think he might have made this statement to see the reactions from goverments to companies about how Apple and Cryptos can be mentioned together.

Can verify that the authentic copy is present in /System/Library/Image Capture/Devices/ on Monterey.

techcoderx@techcoderxs-MacBook-Pro Resources % shasum -a 256 simpledoc.pdf 
b1674191a88ec5cdd733e4240a81803105dc412d6c6708d53ab94fc248f4f553  simpledoc.pdf

I wonder how many copies of it are also hidden in other apps, Electrum also has it in ~/.electrum data dir.

I have a Macbook Pro but I don't see the PDF there. This is an older Macbook though because it's close to 10 years old though.

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Only machines from 2018+ have it as far as I know.

2013 imac had the whitepaper.

Wow, then they've been supporters for a long time 😲


Bitcoin whitepaper hidden in mac computers is incredible! From Tim Cook's answer, I sense that the problem could lie in the global position they occupy and the responsibilities that come with it but he did gave a good enough answer on the possibilities in the future. They could make 'something' out of crypto/blockchain technology.

Yeah, I've read about it and that's a pretty crazy and smart move. While I don't hold a Mac computer and I am keeping the love for my Lenovo ThinkPad, I can understand the leap that Mac manufactures took with spreading the word for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which are becoming a payment instrument (and more) of our days. This is a manifesto for generations to come!

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I was also watching a video on YouTube of a guy who is very famous in Pakistan who introduced crypto here, he was also talking about the same thing. Whoever owns Bitcoin today has a million bitcoins in his wallet but has not withdrawn a single one till date. If you put all the things together, the way the Bitcoin white paper is now inside Mackbook and its owner is now dead, it seems that the Bitcoin owner was also the same.

One of my work colleagues uses Mac I’m going to have to have him take a look to see if he’s got the white paper on his device lol.

I think it’s a good decision for Apple to stay away from crypto, as you said it’s safer for them legally considering how little they pay in taxes already.
I wouldn’t be surprised though if they use a subsidiary company to invest in it or invest in micro strategy aka Michael Saylor’s bitcoin.

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Well that's pretty weird, makes you wonder about what else they're hiding in there.


Mmm. Are they telling us in a subtle way that Steve Jobs was Satoshi?

Now that is quite interisting... Do you think apple actually knows of this?

I have never owned a macbook. I tried it but kind of confused, as im used to windows os !

Well its a good thing that you let mac users know that though I'm not a mac user but find the fact interesting about BTC.

You explained the white paper issue perfectly. Apple is my favourite brand and someday I can plan to be a mac user like you. 😀

Wow, I try checking this out soon!

Tnks for sharing

It's not unheard of to hide private files in common file locations that would be relatively unheard of to look. I mean, who would look for private information hidden as a random dll file in the system32 directory, or a jar file in java distribution? So, sticking a obscure pdf file in a directory that almost no one would have cause to access directly would be perfect for storing something that someone wants to keep safe for posterity. It is possible that this is not the only hidden copy. It's possible that someone with access to Apple's development or push copy of the given folder originally hid it there for safekeeping and forgot about it. It would have to be someone with access to the consistent folder copy stored and pushed to all oem builds.

thank you for this news, in 2030 we will all use cryptocurrencies !BEER

Now investing in crypto with company money may raise more questions from government entities.

Definitely, they'd just be under a microscope that much more... I think they're wise not to involve the company directly at the moment, unless they're willing to have more legal issues.

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Hey @geekgirl,

Greetings from me, still i didn't use any product of apple in my life that's why I never seen white paper of btc on apple product but today I seen something new from your information and I would like to try .

This is one secret most of us weren’t aware of but now we have seen the day light. I don’t have a Mac book like would have checked to see if I would find this white paper. But since there is others testifying to this then it means it’s actually true. I am a fun of apple though, I really like their products, in fact I’m using an iphone and would love to have the Mac book in the near future. But I guess I won’t find the Bitcoin white paper in the one I’m planning to buy since it can only be found in the older version. But still this information was very important to most of us. Thanks for sharing this secret with us @geekgirl.❤️

Apple is a US based company. A company situated in a country that has been avid in it's reluctance to adopt decentralized finance. It's pretty quite understandable why Tim or Apple wouldn't want to be seen publicly facilitating the adoption of DeFi just yet.

Can't wait to get a MAC though!

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whoa! hidden treasure. cool!

I have a feeling it was just some OS working that dumped it in that's a bitcoim maxi lol I highly doubt he's the creator.

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