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RE: Working Our Way Towards A Post Monetary Society

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Ultimately, we will go through the phase where we transition to abundance of money to get to the point where we do not need money.

I do not seem to understand what you mean with the above statement. Do you mean that we are going to have a cashless monetary system or that all forms of money will go into the oblivion. I'll really like to know.

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Ultimately we will get the point where the entire monetary system is done away with. When you start to develop into manufacturing things out of atoms, then we are literally producing stuff from nothing.

A lot of it starts with energy. Consider what things would look like if we didnt have to pay for energy.

I just posted a list in the above comment of all the stuff which use to require money that is now "free". As technology expands, we are going to see this grow a great deal.

Over the next few decades, advancements will be made where that list is to the point where we can produce most things for a nominal fee (or completely free).

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Thanks for the clarifications, although this sounds like an El Dorado to me because I am sure that as long as capitalism remains money might evolve but it is very unlikely to go away. People will still need a kind of motivation to provide services or manual goods. Just my thoughts. Cheers!

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