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A few days ago I mentioned I had bought a Trezor wallet to store my crypto-tokens offline. I had previously been under the impression that if they were secured in an online wallet, (I use Exodus), that they were safe but apparently not. So...I bought the Trezor...And it sat unopened on my desk for a few weeks. I felt some trepidation in respect of getting it set up and my crypto-millions transferred to it and as I wasn't in the right frame of mind decided, somewhat prudently, to leave it until I was feeling better.

That day was yesterday; Friday is a feel-goodish sort of day for me...Not as good as Saturday or Sunday, but way better than the other days of the week at least. So, what better day to tackle this little job?

It's really quite simple I guess. One just goes to and plugs the unit into the computer by the supplied USB cable and it automatically begins the process offering steps along the way, double checking and reconfirming. Pretty fool-proof...Only...I was stumped at the first instant.

No stress though, I simply had to download Trezor Bridge as it didn't recognise my unit when I plugged it in. That done and the process was smooth sailing the rest of the way.

The Trezor isn't self-powered so draws power via the USB cable. When it first started up I was asked to update the firmware which wen't smoothly. From there it was on to the 24-word seed code thingamyjig which also went smoothly. They provide two small cards to write the seed-words down and they make you step through it twice using a button on the Trezor unit itself to advance to each subsequent word as one writes them down. Legit simple.

Next is the PIN which is done by inputting the numbers on a 9-number keypad on the Trezor wallet interface on the computer. With the Trezor connected one needs to look at the small screen for the 9 numbers and input a random password into the computer. Again, this needs to be done twice.

The cool thing is that moving forward, each time the Trezor is plugged in, it will ask for the PIN but the numbers on the Trezor unit randomise so the positions pressed on the computer are always different. (They are not numbers on that computer keypad, just dots). It's just an additional security feature I guess.

This image shows the Trezor PIN screen. The positions of the numbers are randomised each time it asks for a PIN and the operator presses the corresponding number on the computer to input the PIN. Obviously the Trezor needs to be plugged into the computer (My PIN is 298162 in case you're wondering)

From there is was another firmware upgrade and I was in business.

They are really careful with each step giving the operator time to double check which is good...Especially for clueless blokes like me.

So, the Trezor was set up and I had an online wallet...Now to move my crypto-billions to it and have them all nice and snuggly and safe offline.

As I said above, I use the Exodus wallet; I headed over there, did a small transfer of 0.01BTC and abracadabra it arrived in my Trezor wallet...Just like magic. Perfect.

One thing I noticed was that Exodus support Trezor; They have a partnership deal so I was able to sync my Trezor to Exodus which means both wallets appear on the Exodus interface. Easy! This makes it very seamless when moving funds from one to the other although it works just as well the traditional way....I did the transfer and the funds arrived. Yay, the G-dog is all over this!

The great thing about the Trezor is that even if I was to lose it my holdings are safe, and recoverable, using the 24-word seed - That's why it's so important it is kept safe! Lose the trezor and all I have to do is buy another one and recover my crypto-trillions with my seed-thing.

It was kind of funny when I was writing it out on the supplied cards actually...All this technology and digital security...But the seed is written with a pen on a small paper card. Just seemed amusing to me.

I plan to engrave my seed-key thingy onto a small piece of metal in the next week or so which I think will give me a little more security over a simple card. There's a place nearby that sells little coloured pieces of it for engraving pets ownership tags and they have a small piece that will perfectly take the 24-word seed, about the size of a credit card. It's aluminium so won't rust and once inside one of my fireproof safes will be about as safe as it can get. It is also very lightweight in the advent of me having to travel with it.

I know there are other devices that do the same thing and I've been told they are also very good, if maybe a little more complicated. I haven't used them but now I've got the Trezor up and running I have to say that it was quite easy and not as daunting as I had thought it would be.

I'm pretty happy with myself for getting it sorted...And I didn't fuck up once! Come on...Admit it, some of you were hoping I would right? 😂

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Be well
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Es una exelente billetera, tambien un muy buen post, bastante explicito, gracias por compartir, te dejo mi voto y te sigo.

Thanks for your comment. I'm not Spanish speaking or reading though. I appreciate you coming to my blog however and for dropping your comment.


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I should get around to using my Ledger wallet but like you, I need to be in the right frame of mind to do it. Coinbase is my primary and I don't know if they have such an easy relationship with a hardware wallet since it takes funds out of the exchange itself and I know they don't enjoy that.

Glad that you moved your trillions out! I dislike having them vulnerable but spreading them across a few exchanges will be my better plan of attack. All of them can't scam me out of my trillions, so that's some solace for me at the moment. I will have to look into Exodus to see if they allow 'Muricans to use their site.

Exodus is a decent wallet, as far as my novice experience goes. They love everybody.

I cant recall who put me onto Exodus but I've always found it to work well. I think maybe @tarazkp told me about it. Check it out and see how it goes.

Yeah, my experience is fairly novice as well. I had experimented with using my hardware wallet but got scared that I would lose my money by entering in the keys wrong lol so I didn't put anything on it. Having that extra layer of capability to work with the exchange I use will be an added bonus. I'll let you know how I fare!

I think it's important to have some level of understanding which is why I keep adding an extra layer of understanding little by little; It means the divide between cluelessness and understanding isn't as wide. My next task is to use the living room of satoshi payment gateway to transfer a small amount of crypto to my bank and also pay a bill with crypto...Just so I know how. To date, three years, I've not taken one cent of my crypto holdings out into fiat. Just want to know how it works.

Good luck with yours. It all requires a degree of clarity of mind and patience I guess, but it's best to know how to do some of these things right?

And with this, you have successfully created how to use trezor article.

One good day, when I will have enough bitcoins, I will buy a trezor and get back to this article.

In case I will buy a trezor in future, I will definitely use your article as a reference😄

It's aluminium so won't rust and once inside one of my fireproof safes will be about as safe as it can get.

Good that you got guns and all in your house, nobody will ever try to break in😜

I'd not call it a definitive guide but it might help someone feel a bit more comfortable setting up their Trezor I guess. It really was quite easy. The check and re-check policy is a good idea though.

BOOM!!!! you made it dude!!!

I told you, simplicity itself!! I bloody love my trezor and the thing I love best is what you mentioned. Is I lose it I buy a new one and input the seed! Everything safe!

One time I updated the firmware and for some reason it failed and wiped my coins and I was like what!?!

Then I put in the recovery seed and tada!! It was all back and fine. I've never had any problems bar that and I am a happy man for it! Safe crypto is happy crypto!!!

Even reading the words wiped all my coins sends shivers up my spine...But yes, seed to the rescue. It feels good to have that security.

It's a cool little device and I think an important one for those with even a little crypto. I also like the fact I am a little more knowledgeable about yet another crypto process. Certainly still a novice, but less-novicy than I was before. 🙂

Novicy isn't a word, but when one is a blogging-wordsmith one can makeuperise words as one feels is appropriate.

Novicy sounds like a damned good word to me!! It is cool too have that little bit more knowledge and that little bit more safety!

Why thank you, I'm glad my wordsmithery is well-received...Of course I knew it would with you...You are, after all, one of the best wordsmitherisors known to mankind.

In many ways I Smith!!! :0)

Great work for not carking things up, mate! Honestly though, having not come across physical wallets often enough, they can prove daunting the first time. Better have those seed words engraved and kept safe. Most importantly, never let Grouchy know what's on it! The little bastard would spend all your crypto on Legos or something. 😈

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Lol...Cark means to die in Aussie slang.

Wait, hold on... I thought "cark" was another way to say "don't f**k things up"? 😱

Nah, it means to die. Cark it is generally the term.

Ah, oops. I guess I'd congratulate you on not carking it up with that new Bitcoin wallet, eh? 😉

Carking...Jeez mate.

I'm sorry, master. I guess that's an "F" for my Aussie Dialect Studies, eh? Detention isn't bad, I suppose.

Lol...Naughty corner for you dude!

Happy to read you made it and it was easy and smooth. My ledger used to be quite difficult to manage long ago when I purchased it. Now there is an easy desktop and smartphone App and every step is quite easy too.

It's remarkably easy and I think it will become more so as time goes although. I like the security of it though and sometimes security means a few complications right? It was easy enough and I'm pleased to have it set up and working.

Still need to dig into mine :)

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It was pretty easy and it feels good knowing that my gazillions of crypto are a little more protected. Lol.

Pretty cool. I have thought about something like this but haven't really looked into it yet.

It's worth some investigation I think. Feels good having my crypto safe and sound and it wasn't difficult to do.

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You did very well with this one! So sincere to put up your PIN😂😂😂😂

Yeah I know right? I was going to put my 24 word seed for safe storage but ended up putting it on Facebook instead. (not really, I'm not on Facebook.)

Hahaha. I barely enter there, so exhausting as a plaform, yuck. I am on Hive since I discovered it, never felt better😊🌞