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RE: Blockchains; The Natural Approach To Thing

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From top to bottom they have always taught us to respect the great lords and lords, because they are the masters of the world, and it will always be like that, or maybe not today we have a few small crumbs of power but hey you seem that this is changing We already saw it with Gamestop although they put a brake on it from top to bottom and left many with lots of losses, of course that would have happened anyway
The blockchain is driving us to stop being consumers, to start being content creators,
I see my friends spending hours of their lives consuming, consuming, and when I tell them I am a data producer they tell me hey but how, where do you get time for that, I tell them the same time you spend watching and rambling, there the great difference but some things are soon resonating
in their heads they are beginning to hear it everywhere.
I am sure they will come, and if there is no one to stop our progress on blockchain,
and If it is difficult to want to follow everything, we will never reach it there are so many projects where one would like to be and cannot, it is better to aim well and be there focused as we are here in leo and hive
Concentrate on all the growth that is happening, yes, but well, let's hope they don't attack us so much and the stones will rain from above the NYT or the WSJ, or FT, when they see that we are stealing their errand.
although I do not think that we are in another specialized niche.
Best Regard.

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