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RE: Stay frosty on security

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Yes, I have heard sad stories about lost keys due to misery,
Well, I still don't have amounts so significant as to store a cold wallet, but if something needs to be done, to maintain our security, someone asks me
You have the safe keys, I tell him of course that if I already have a physical copy in the top of some trees, I hope the birds and insects or rodents do not leave me without my contingency plan, jaaaaaaaaaa that's a joke although maybe at some point it might be necessary
Everyone is talking about this as someone has the ability to enter and unwrap the leos enter metamask connect use the seed, connect BSC transfer from here to there, for God's sake imagine a 60-year-old man who has never touched a computer how he will do it. reason we must begin to train our relatives so that this does not happen.
We must also be very diligent with our teams, we do not want what today are a few things to become a fortune tomorrow end in limbo for lack of diligence.

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Diligence starts at the beginning, don't wait until you "have enough" to lose before building the habit to protect what you own. I think part of the training of people entering is to make sure they understand that security is their responsibility.

In the future there will be better solutions, but for now, be prepared.

Thanks see, yes we need be more carefully with our keys.