How to Find the USD Value of Your LPs in PolyCub Farms?

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After 2 and a half days since the launch of PolyCub, I consider it a major success for those who got involved already. And, as far as I know, the major marketing deals Khal has with big names in the industry hasn't kicked off yet. I might be wrong on that, I haven't had time to listen to his special AMA from yesterday yet.

But this is not a post where I want to share my excitement.

I do have two helpful tips, hopefully, one for someone who didn't use Polygon at all before, and another for people who are already on PolyCub.

My first tip is for people who are on the sidelines, either with holdings on CubFinance - most likely benefitting of a PolyCub airdrop too - or with liquid LEO on Hive-Engine or bLEO on BSC.

I have seen enough people remembering to add Polygon to Metamask, but forgetting or not knowing how to get their hands on some MATIC for transaction fees on the Polygon blockchain.

Asking for some MATIC for initial transactions in discord works, but the easiest way to do it, in my opinion, is to use this faucet.

If nothing changed since I used it many months ago, it can only be used once per Polygon wallet and only if you never had any MATIC in your wallet before. It will only give you a fraction of a MATIC, but enough to get you started.

EDIT: After @jfang003 tried the faucet, it appears it doesn't give enough MATIC these days not even for a single transaction, after gas fees went up. Which makes buying SWAP.MATIC on Hive-Engine and withdrawing it to Polygon the most convenient option for people on Hive.

I hope this removes a complication you might run into when you first want to use Polygon. If you benefit of the POLYCUB claim drop, you can only claim it from Polygon! If you have liquid LEO or even if you wrapped it as pLEO, you need MATIC to pay fees on Polygon.

The second tip I want to share today is for people who already use PolyCub, and which I have just used it myself.

Both on CubFinance and on PolyCub the UI is explicit regarding the dollar value of the LP positions one has in kingdoms, which is great.

What neither of the two interfaces show is the dollar value of the LPs in farms.

There are certain tools like which give such information about your LP positions, both on BSC and on Polygon (and a few other blockchains), and even what you have liquid in Metamask. But it only recognizes LPs from a few select platforms.

On BSC, we have a tool to check the USD value of the LPs we have in CubFinance farms. It's a simple tool adapted by @emrebeyler from Hive from another open-source one. All you have to do is run it and connect to your BSC wallet. It does the rest.

On PolyCub however, I don't know if such a tool exists, although I assume it would be easy to adapt it.

So, for now, one has to know how to calculate the USD value of their LP positions in the farms manually, while an easier way doesn't exist yet.

Here's how to do it. Pay attention, it involves a bit of detective work on Polyscan.

What do we need?

We need

  1. your staked LP position
  2. the total USD value of the liquidity in the pool
  3. the total supply of LP tokens

How to obtain each of them?

The first two can actually be obtained from the PolyCub interface

Here's an example:


For the total supply, we need a little more steps.

  1. Go to the farm contract on Polyscan.


  1. Go to the LP token contract like in the screenshot below.


  1. Get the total supply amount


Now you have all the required elements.

The formula to calculate the USD value of your LP position is the following:

your_lp_usd = (liquidity_usd_value / total_supply) * your_staked_lp

I know, it's more work than many are willing to put in to find out the USD value of an LP position, so hopefully a little tool will be available soon for that purpose, if the information won't be displayed on the PolyCub interface directly.

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I don't want to be a party breaker, but this could help others that don't like math... :)

It has Polycub, but doesn't have CUB :) For CUB, I'm using

I hope it will help! :)

Ok, that's what I was looking for!

Although, I ran a few minutes ago, and it's still loading. It's very slow, at first impression. I probably would do the calculations by hand faster, lol.

Hmmm... Weird.. it works fine for me... Loading lasts maybe 10-15 sec... Maybe you have a lot of pools over more chains?

Are you upgraded there? I saw Polygon is only supported if you upgrade. If you are upgraded, maybe you have preferential treatment.

Nope... Just leave it on ALL CHAINS and it will load... Clicking on a specific chain doesn't work for me either...
It should look like this (Liotes acc btw... )

Screenshot from 2022-03-07 19-06-20.png

It worked! Not sure what happened the first time. Maybe their api got stuck somewhere. But it still has some locked LP positions for pro only.

I like Debunk too, by the way. Easier to follow than the interface on CubFinance for kingdoms + mycubholdings for farms.

The first tip doesn't work anymore because fees went up after the minimum gwei went up. So I think it's better to get some MATIC off hive-engine. 0.001 doesn't cover enough for a single transaction.

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I couldn't check how much the faucet gives, because I already used it long time ago and as far as I know you can't use it again. Thanks for letting me/us know.

I haven't thought of SWAP.MATIC as an alternative. That wasn't there when I started using Polygon, but it's a good option.

Thanks for the update and tips. I take all the advice I can get.

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Are you in PolyCub already?

Tell me about this

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How can I claim my airdrops?
My claim button is in grey, so I can't push it.
I got enough MATIC in my wallet.
Do you have any idea?

I don't know your situation, so I'll ask a few questions first.

  1. Do you have CUB staked on CubFinance, either in CUB kingdom or in CUB-BUSD or CUB-BNB farms? If not, there is no airdrop.

  2. Have you selected the Polygon network in Metamask (or the wallet you use) instead of BSC? If not, it makes sense to be greyed out, you are on the wrong network. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should look online for a quick help to add the Polygon network to Metamask (or the wallet you use that is supported by PolyCub). It's not complicated to add another network.

  3. If you are on Polygon and are eligible for the claimdrop, have you tried a hard refresh (Ctrl+R on Windows) and clearing cookies to see if that helps?

  4. If none of that helps, try support on discord.

There is a way to invoke the function which claims your drop directly from the smart contract, but it may be a bit more technically challenging. I haven't tried it myself, there are two parameters I wouldn't know how to set - maybe if I do some research.

Okay, thanks for your help:)

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