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RE: Steem: The world's largest Choose-your-own-adventure

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Well your title was some kind of clickbait for me and I was curious what would follow. In contrast to a regular clickbait title, this articles does make a lot of sense.

I did change the game I play in the Steem Ocean. I used to be all about blogging and commenting, but my focus did change more towards the steem games which are offered. I wasn't a sudden change in my game plan but more an evolution. And we all like evolution in contrast to revolution. The biggest trigger to change my game plan here on steem was the latest HF. While it was maybe good for the steem economy it just killed my engagement. Not that I was engaged to be rewarded but the HF did show me that it maybe did save some investments, it killed a lot of new and small bloggers.
The idea behind the hardfork was great but there are just not enough big accounts doing enough to feed the small fishes in the see. If you don't have the support of a curator group, it can be very frustrating writing on the steem blockchain. I know that you could force some support in your own direction by writing about the popular items or participating in writing contest or so. But I did decide that I write about what is on my mind or things in my circle of interest. No monkey here dancing for money. (Or is this is too big and bold statement to label some of the writers here on the steem blockchain, could be).

so, yes I do agree with you that we all are playing the game differently. It is more like a big sandbox mode. Some will change their gameplan deliberatly, while others are more or less forced to change their game plan.

Sorry for this rant. Better could have written a post about it!



Sorry for this rant.

Good rant. Glad to see an evolution in your use of the blockchain. Will check your blog for a post about your gaming experience.



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What I have found interesting is that I think my commenting has gone up, even though the comments on my own posts may be down at times. Commenting has never been about the chance at a vote for me, it is just the best way to build relationships and in so doing, have fun. It is hard to have inside jokes between friends without making friends first.

And yeah, it is like a very big sandbox, except the boundaries aren't made by an authority, they are pushed outward by us.