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RE: 3D Printing In Construction About To Go Mainstream

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I really like this development. A couple of years ago Amsterdam had the first printed bridge.
But it's not only the construction industry that benefits from 3D printers.

3D printers make large stocks unnecessary because items can be printed on demand. They are used on oil rigs for example, but what to think in space. The possibilities are immense.
Also the health industry benefits from it. I've read articles about printed skulls caps and printed prosthetics.
As kids grow they need new prostheses almost every year. By printing these with a 3D printer these costs can be 20 times less.,for%20as%20little%20as%20%2450.&text=In%20the%20meantime%2C%20technology%20is,to%20participate%20in%20their%20design

I hope this development soon become more affordable.

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Without a doubt, 3D printing is a lot wider than construction. However, I was just focusing upon this market since it is one of the largest ones that still operates basically how it did 4 or 5 decades ago.

This means it is primed for disruption which 3D printing certainly does. Over time, as the technology advances, the pace of disruption within the industry, will accelerate. This will, in my opinion, start to push prices down at a serious pace once it hits.

Construction is now under the laws of information technology meaning we can see similar effects as computerization and communications.

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