€800,000 stolen from Italian ATMs

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Today I read this Tweet about a gang that was arrested for stealing 800,000 euro from ATMs and cash dispensers in just 7 months.



I was really surprised that there are still publically available ATMs in Italy. In the Netherlands there was a lot of this skimming going on a few years ago as well as ram raids. The cost of the damage was often much higher than the loot. Criminals were even using excavators to break open the ATMs.


The last couple of years almost all ATM’s have been removed from the streets and mobile replacement ATMs were placed inside shops. This to reduce the amount of ram raids and skimming attempts.

I'm wondering how this is dealt with in other countries.

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I'm wondering how this is dealt with in other countries.

If this happened in my country (Nigeria) as at last month, they'll be called hoodlums and kill in the arrest process.
Am just saying.

we still have public Atms in Greece as well as gangs that break them :P

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