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RE: Soliciting feedback on pre-emptive methods to protect Hive against a malicious court order ...

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If the government became that authoritarian, and you implemented any of these options, couldn’t the government just seize your devices and infiltrate the system secretively? Being you. Or really go communist and shut access to the internet of if it really wanted to? Maybe I am too authoritarian in my head right now. Maybe the decentralized world needs to become its own “country” with rules and notifications to other governments that the decentralized world is protected by hackers who will bleed them dry or expose them to their country should they cross a line to enter ours? That’s basically what every country is doing with weapons , nukes?? It could just be a decentralized nuke of Wikileaks and threats. Hahahaha. There has got to be some Snowden’s and Julian’s on blockchain willing to protect it. Definitely needs EBS and the dead man switch. A consensus pool would mix the funds and supposedly it’s confusing to courts if it’s to one account the court can find that one person to make them turn it over and now 2 people are in trouble… consensus pool, the court has time to go through that many people? I doubt it.


"Or really go communist and shut access to the internet of if it really wanted to?"

This is not theoretical, and has happened numerous times in the last decades. I haven't bothered to count the number of times, or track the jurisdictions, that have just shut off the internet, or parts of the internet, in order to suppress speech. I believe that is ongoing in several jurisdictions right now, and to some degree or another in all jurisdictions on Earth. I believe Iran basically has shut down social media due to widespread protests at present, and vast areas of potential speech simply aren't practically available in any jurisdictions today.

I2p, Tor, and other such mechanisms seeking to obviate jurisdictional interference in free speech exist for that reason, but I believe are incapable of being implemented successfully to secure Hive from such interference.