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RE: STEMGeeks Second Hackathon

in LeoFinance2 years ago (edited)
  1. I would ask for 750 HBD for 2 months (or 60 days) = 45,000. Even if the hackathon only last one month, you'll need to work to organize and promote it, etc.
  2. The above could include 10k (or 5-15k) for marketing already, as I think doing some marketing should be a guarantee if it goes through. An optional DHF for additional marketing could always be added on top, starting high in value and then adjusted down if needed. (I think bundling marketing the hack with also marketing that Hive is a great place to build dApps, and has a fund to support good contributions might kill 2 birds with one stone).
  3. There could be many options here. A top 3 from a jury, one community voted "favorite", and one for "best newcomer" giving an additional reward to devs that were not already on Hive, but can incentivize new people to come and give it a shot. (Fair both because they'll have a steeper learning curve, and also because we want to attract new devs)
  4. I like the idea of the second phase, but think it will likely work out better in practice if most of the effort is put into making the hackathon amazing. We could always work on the side to build something like a "Hive incubator", that could also work year-round, and provide it as a vehicle for good entries. But best done separately imo.
  5. Many, will do a separate post and link it here later as a reply.
    But if I had to give one suggestion, it would be to have a week in advance where you encourage users and stakeholders to share "what problems they think are most worth solving". So that there is a list of suggested starting points and also issues that actually need a solution.
  6. Not myself alone, but will see if I can get some devs I know not active on Hive atm to do something together with.

Anyways, I love the initiative! And will be happy to help in the ways that I can.

@maxgou you should have all the right channels to share this, and know a fair amount of people who could participate and win:).


I think, 45k is bit overkill. Hackathons doesn't need much marketing just need correct platform to initiate it, like you create hackathon where you see dozen developers. You can do 2 hackathons with that amount and have quite good exposure...