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Hello dear friends, I hope you are very well, today I want to talk to you about a very interesting topic that can help us a lot to improve our economic situation. And it is nothing more than PASSIVE INCOME.

These incomes are nothing more than earnings that we can obtain practically without making a major effort and without being 8 hours in front of a hard work and that little by little consumes our health and our life.


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I want to name 2 tools that we can keep in mind to generate income in the medium and long term.

First, CREATE A BLOG, perhaps for many people is something unimportant, but through these blogs we can get great benefits, such as making use of our blog to promote items, and once sold these items to collect a percentage of profits. Nowadays in the internet we get endless videos that show us how to create a blog and have your personal page.

On the other hand, besides the monetary part, if you like to write you would not do it as a job but as something you will be enjoying.

Within BLOGS we can also talk about this type of platforms, where we can write and transmit valuable content and generate something for it, many people perhaps only see it as a money machine, but writing helps us a lot to exploit our creativity and other skills that we may have hidden. For those of us who are looking for a higher income this is a great option.


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And my second recommendation for you is to CREATE CONTENT THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORKS, for example, youtube. This is a platform that currently has a great power and influence on people, I myself am thinking of launching my channel and be able to share with you valuable content that can help others to improve their quality of life.

Obviously these platforms do not grow overnight, just as you can start to monetize in 3 or 6 months it can take more than a year, so you must keep in mind that this is something long term, you must work and spend time to generate good content, it is a constant work and patience.

In addition you don't need big tools, with your cell phone and a natural light you can start and talk about anything you want, just keep in mind what kind of people you want to address and what topic you want to exploit!

Thank you for reading my publication, I hope my advice will be of great help to everyone.