Try posting on this app posted on Instagram, you can earn not only likes but also money!

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Appics is an application built with a blockchain. It's as simple as that. It can be said that it is a blockchain version of Instagram.

The main feature of this is that you can earn from the photos and videos posted here. Rewards are the likes or updates you get here.

How to open an account on Appics ?

Appics is still in beta, so Bird has access to it via email. Pressing the sign up button on the app's site will bring up the form for the Early Bird Axis. You must enter your name, email address, nationality and other information.

At the end you will see a question whether there is a Steemit account. Previous blogs have talked about how to create a steamer account. If you have such a limited account, press "Yes". This will connect your Epic account with Steemit.

How to post on Appics ?

Uploading photos and videos on Appics is just like posting on Instagram. When you open the app, you will see a symbol similar to Instagram.

There you can press and select from the photo gallery or take a pick with the camera. After that the filter can be used if needed. After that pressing “next” will take you to the description space. If there is a caption or something to write, you can write it.

Then select the category. There are currently sixteen categories, including Food, Travel, Art and Lifestyle, so choose one of them.

Just above that you will see the space for the tags. Use the four tags that fit your post there.

How to use Appics ?

Appics can be used just like Instagram. The link will not appear in Epic if it is posted in description. But you can add a link to your website or channel in the “bio” section.

You can also share your post with others. There are many more features to come.

How To Make Money From Appics ?

Rewards are the sub-votes received from Appics. It is obtained as a stereotype. There is another Appic token.

If you have a Steemit account, Appic Post will be posted there as well. And so on.s

A lot of blockchain technology and decentralized applications are coming. In the coming years, blockchain revolutions will be seen in all sectors.

The content area is no different. Epic is a new generation application that can be easily blocked.

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