Hackers Say Musk Will Know If He Tries to Control Cryptocurrency

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Anonymous, one of the world's most notorious hacker groups, has warned Elon Musk, who is no longer a friend of the public. The group is targeting Musk, the world's second-richest man and head of several key companies, including electric car maker Tesla. It is said that this anonymous group is behind many recent heinous cyber crimes.The group is also reported to have attacked institutions such as PayPal and Scientology.

This anonymous group is provoked by the fact that the price of Bitcoin fluctuates according to Musk's words and tweets. The video, released by the Anonymous hacker group, criticizes Musk's arrogant interventions against cryptocurrency markets. They also point out that this is more obvious in the case of Bitcoin.Bitcoin, according to Musk, is volatile and uncontrollable. The hacker group believes this fluctuation is evident even in Musk's latest intervention. Anonymous warns that Musk will be informed if it tries to control cryptocurrency.

Musk has announced that it will buy Tesla's vehicles using Bitcoin and will not allow it later. Nothing, as he says, works from within Tesla. The hacker group has made several allegations in this regard. The hackers also allege that he personally has some problems. For example, he has a superiority complex. He even once claimed to be the emperor of Mars. In addition, the hacker group alleges that he is trolling the working class and their potential through constant cryptocurrency interventions. The hacker group says Musk is no ordinary friend. This is why the hacker group is targeting Musk.

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