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RE: A big month for Icon! Icon 2.0. BTP Interoperability. A new ICE blockchain. And an aidrop!

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Great content by the way.

Would Hive benefit from a smart-contact-sidechain? Spin one up tomorrow.

What, Hive-Engine isn't enough? ;)

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Hive-engine is great! But a side-chain with:

  • Composable smart contracts.
  • EVM compatability.
  • Interoperability with the growing "network of blockchains" as well as Hive.
    This would open up a lot of new doors.

For example, Hive has many artists. It's where the creators are. And hive-engine has the nftshowroom.

But none of the huge NFT launches we're seeing in crypto at the moment are coming from Hive. In terms of artwork, I think our creators would do a better job! But they need the right platform to do so.

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