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RE: Where is Leo heading ?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

There is much development in the pipeline, both for LEO and for CUB. But I feel your frustrastion, there was a lot of hype and now it is kind of the opposite. Good thing is that HIVE and LEO users are used to be patient and that stuff takes a while.

I have still a lot of trust for LEO and CUB.


Patience is one thing, trust is another thing. Is it like people lost trust on the team ?

I don't think that there is a major loss of trust going around. But I also think that LeoFinance has to improve communication and be more cautious about what projects they align with (like the desastrous CakePop thing, which might have been successful from the CubFinance side but was pretty much a loss for everyone who bought in).

Trust is a fragile thing and has to be earned over and over again.