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RE: What LeoFinance and CubDefi success means....

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When I joined the platform, I thought it would take me good amount of time to get visibility but actually its in your own hands. You can buy and stake LEO or HIVE or CUB to give yourself that initial boost. As you mentioned, these tokens, with their proven track record, will perform great in the future. So with each passing day, it will get difficult to get them in your wallet ;) So get them now probably.

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That's what I'm trying to do. I swapped out of some of my "shit"coins to buy some of these three. I'm almost to the Leo level I want to be at and I want to add some more Hive as well. I'd love to add more Cub too but it's pretty expensive to add a lot of that. I'll just have to keep farming and hope it lets me grow enough before it takes off.

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I think that's a great strategy @dagger212, since Hive & Leo are on top of the Hierarchy and most of the other coins ultimately connect to these two. It makes sense to get them before anything else. Even I am going to Farm CUB with my initial investment for at least 6 months or so, not going to put in more for now. ;)

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