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As i told you yesterday i was feeling gooood! I had about 600 stashed Steemit and with the price increase i said to myself "Sell it, pretty boy...sell everything and invest in Hive Tokens"

To tell you the truth what motivated me to start checking for the tokens was 3 specific people! As i was reading posts for my daily curation i stumbled upon @nathanmars's post about LeoSpeak Community!

While reading it i also remembered 2 others and their posts/initiatives! The first one was @therealwolf with the new crypto-youtube channel and @theycallmedan with his crypto-initiative post.

What's the common element you may wonder?

Well they are all into Hive and they are dead serious about it. They try to raise awareness for both Hive and Hive tokens like Leo and they are doing their best to make the community better: They are doing that, at least in my eyes by:

  1. Motivating current members to post/invest
  2. Raising awareness for Hive and Hive Tokens
  3. Trying to attract new people & Investors

I just couldn't keep myself, traded my last Steemit for Hive which was around 600-800, something like that i don't remember and headed straight to Hive Engine to buy some Tokens!

Note that i am totally a hive believer and i haven't cashed out or power down any of my earnings there, i just keep on staking!!


The amount may not see much to a couple of you and it may seem a lot to others but i bought 100 LEO! Now i hold about 178 Leo in Liquid form which i am hoping to be 200 till the LBI come out!


Apart from it i also have another 1000k of LP which is for my daily curation and will remain there without any power-downs! It will only keep increasing!

Regarding the LBI you can follow the @lbi-token account and learn more by clicking here What is LeoBacked Investments?. If you are familiar with @spinvest then you probably know @silverstackeruk and how he can lead the LBI to their success!


@trumpman was keep busting our nuts for this token and as the plebs we are, we didn't listen! Better late than sorry though, so i bought 55 Bro Tokens just because i can! More about the fund by follow @brofund account!


Once again i know it isn't a big amount of tokens but it is what I can afford and a little start of diversifying my token portfolio! I already start gaining passive income from this which is funny to watch



Next on the line is the brand new Index Token. Honestly, i just read the post of @jongolson about Index which you can find below, and it seemed interesting! You can also se my INDEX tokens!

Introducing....The Hive Engine Index Token


What attracted me more though wasn't the token but how hardworking and excited Jon is! A few weeks ago he created hivepay a plugin for WordPress that you can basically pay with hive to whoever uses it!


Finally, i have read his story on the cypto-initiative so i know how dedicated he is to make this work!


Moving on we got Stem, a tribe about STEM-related posts. I wanted badly to be part of this tribe for so long and i also wanted to write a couple of posts in there but due to time i haven't managed yet, but it's on my agenda!


Behind the wheel, as i have mentioned before are people like @themarkymark, @inertia @enforcer48 and the community account which you can follow is @stemgeeks people!


I think starting out with 1k and powering it up is a good fresh start! II will create a post later to say a few things about me in the tribe itself!!


Behind Aeneas fund are the guys behind @cryptobrewmaster and I don't really know much about their goals or roadmap and i am on discord as well but it was a gamble i would like to take! So i staked 1k of Ash tokens as well!


Maybe we see more in the upcoming days, what i know for a fact is the airdrop that will take place in 4 days! Follow the to learn more and decide whether you want to invest or not!

Steemit & Tron Update

let me give you a small update regarding Steemit! The price of steem especially the sbds faced a sudden pump. That's because Justin merged TRON with Steemit!


For that implementation, you just need to login to steemit or log out and log in, if you are already in and you click agree to the pop up you see below! You can see below what's it look like as well as my riches!


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Sorry to interrupt your post , but everybody knows that :


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I have noticed ASH only recently. The tribes are heating up again, but this time I am more wary. We still need a good gaming one, as BATTLE seems to not be doing anything.

yep i agree with you! i don't know or can tell much about ash to be honest, it's a completely yolo decision!

I agree about the gaming one! I don't even know from which game BATTLE is :P imagine that :P

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I linked the TRON wallet using the keys and stuff but I am not able to claim the TRX . The button just doesn't work, any idea why?

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i dont know! when you use used to keys and entered did you clicked ok/agree to the pop up window?

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Well yeah , yesterday I tried a different browser and it worked :) Thank you for your help.

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