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I read and read about how we need new people to join these platforms for quite some years now. It is true that social type kind of platforms are in desperate need of users and that's obvious.

We had quite some attempts to onboard new users these past years but i think with not much of a success. In my opinion, most users that got into Steemit/Hive/Leo was due to the pump in prices!

we all remember what happened after sbd went crazy

Also, the second most successful way that led people in getting here, is self-research. You see many people wanted to find extra ways to earn money and these platforms were a great way to do it for free! Others were looking for a place with no censorship in where they can write or read whatever they want freely!

What strategies we should implement to attract more people?

There are many ways to attract people, some of which are through social media, from word via mouth to mouth, or by using SEO tactics on your posts.

I strongly believe though, that before we attract users we have to make 2 things clear! The first is the onboarding process which should be easy and free. If i had to wait 2 weeks to be approved i would most likely forget it!

The second one should be a guiding system. Not only any new users should understand how the platform works, but they also need to learn it as easily and smoothly as possible!

I think that we are now in a position that these requirements have been met so we should really focus on onboarding the users. There are some attempts already, like Twitter onboarding, SEO tools, Youtube channels from @nathanmars @therealwolf and @khaleelkazi.

What i want from you is to share your ideas with the community, you may have thought something that others don't. Simply reply in the comment section or make a post about your onboarding idea!

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What I'd love to see is some form of cooperation for onboarding with the excellent games we have on Hive.
I've brought in dozens (or maybe even 100+ by now) of new users by promoting these games on Publish0x.

Thing is, most users just join for these games but completely ignore Hive and LeoFinance in the process. So we'd need to have more incentives within these games to actually go to Hive/LeoFinance and start reading/blogging about the games.

I've seen it happen for a couple of new faces I brought in, but the majority just sticks to their respective game(s)...

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ohh really man over 100+ people? that's really awesome, you are a true ambassador!

i see what you are saying though. A quick idea would be to create posts relevant to their games in the respected communities and then they will find their way i think

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The most easiest onboarding is to have an OTP based authorization - I liked the idea of LeoFinance doing a lite account where a user does not need to keep his credentials. That makes easy for new sign ups and given that phone numbers are now validated against bio-metrics , OTP based verification is a much easier option to make sure, the person is legit.

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true, that way a lot of people won't hesitate that much to join!

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