Changing My Recovering Account

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Yesterday while i was scrolling through the depths of Leo i found a certain post about the recovery account. Ok ok to be completely honest it was the first post i actually had in my feed but that's not the point!

Before i tell you more about the post briefly the recovery account is as the name suggests an account that can help you recover your old one and save your tokens. Note that this is quite important as in the older days, in the steemit days to be exact we didn't have that opportunity so if you forgot your keys or someone managed to steal them from you, you were eternally doomed!

Recovery account came here to save the day but here is the catch. You need to make another account a recovery one. This can either be a second account you may already have or create from scratch as well as a person that you trust.

Now, the recovery account that most of us have, automatically is Steem and in my opinion you need to change ASAP. Why? The reason is that if you paid attention to what was going on in the platform lately you must understand that


Have i convinced you?

Moving on i have a confession to make. When i stumbled across @onealfa's POST which informs us of all the above and more, i instantly remembered that i hadn't changed it yet and completely forgot about it.

So i went straight through as @onealfa suggested and checked just in case whether i was on Steem or not. Note that the process takes 30 till the recovery account changes!


As you can see indeed i have steem set as my recovery account. Then because i had no clue as to how it can changed, i once again searched through the depths of Leo & Hive and found the following which i consider equally important for all of you to read:

A story of Lost & Recovered Account

I found this story from @krunkypuram who posted it as a comment under @onealfa's post. This is a story about a user who for some reason lost access to his account but thankfully had previously changed the account from steem to one of his alt ones. The user is @barge and you can read about his journey of recovering the account HERE. I suggest you read it, it's worth the time and can showcase a situation we can all face.

Process of Recovering the Account

I will try to be brief regarding this because as you can see the post is lengthy enough and all it takes is to give me a keyboard! I find an excellent post from @engrave who explains how you can do the whole changing and actually gives you 2 different and easy ways to achieve that

Click Here To Find Out How


I did it i think but now it's your turn to do it too!

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Nice one, glad you acted on this :D

I lost access to @barge when changing keys and the nodes were playing up and I was careless. Fortunately I had changed my recovery account 9 minutes before the keys. I therefore had a 9-min window after 30 days in which to recover......a long tense wait, but it happened :D

I also blogged about the importance of changing the recovery account.
Hive Account Security: Take These Two Steps And Never Ever Lose Access

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wow 9 minutes... damn lucky!!

i am so glad i did it, i had completely forgot it! If i had read your post 5 days ago or the older one i would definitely had done that immediately! I gave the second one a small upvote as i couldn't do it at the older (something must be done about the older posts)!

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As you saw I was greatly helped by Hive Witness @deathwing........whole thing felt a bit like James Bond, except it wasn't someone else being rescued :D

Many thanks for the upvote and the follow 🙏

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The odd thing is that there is no way to set a new recovery account on Hive. That means you have to trust Peakd with your higher-level keys, you can't even log in with your posting key, they demand the active key.

I have trust issues as well.

I changed my old Steemit and Hive keys months ago, so they are no longer the same.

If anyone knows of a way to set a new recovery account on Hive, please share. I have an alt account all ready for it.

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In fact to change the recovery account you will need your Owner key, an even higher level than Active! PeakD do not, AFAIK, save your keys anywhere - it is just their frontend being used to interact with the Hive blockchain. I have no issue using it for this purpose.

Another tool for changing recovery account is:

To be completely independent of anyone else's code, you would need to run your own script using Python/Beem. It's something I ended up doing in order to recover my account, but it requires experience (I had help).

You could use hivesigner and do it yourself as per this post:

Read your account of losing 25BTC in 2010/11 and a few other posts on your blog...sounds like you have recovered well :D

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It's a quite easy task. Done that myself tooz but have to wait 30 days for the change.

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I know huh, so easy yet I had put it off and put it off in spite of all the peakD prompts and almost screwed up completely!

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hahaha apparently we all put it off :P

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I was getting those notifications as well every day. That's why i've done the change.

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it is very much informative post and you explained every things very briefly thank, i think it is first step that we should take to protect acccount

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have you done it?

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For many that have trust issue. Better they change it asap

with steem as their recovery account, they need to have :P

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I'm glad that you have read my article and took care of your recovery account. Hopefully more people will do that :)

thanks a lot for commenting and for the guidance with your post! The funny thing was that after i searched and found it, i had it actually bookmarked it long time ago :P

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