when BTC drops freely it affects all coins including HIVE

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Today I was surprised by the decline in BTC and immediately looked for Hive but it also went down. things like this often happen when there is a decline in BTC. Today's BTC is down to $42,620 But calm now it has started to slowly rise again.

What about the decline in HIVE whether it drops drastically or not. To hive down around 28% lowest price around $1.36 and now it has started to rise again around $1.6 will it continue to rise? Let's just wait for future price developments, hopefully it won't go down again.

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BTC is selling heavily. The NFP news really deal with BTC. We need to be careful in any USD pairs.

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there is always a risk every time there is a downturn. if you keep coins long term I think a slight drop is not a problem.

Yes. Long investors don't complain when crypto currency is selling because they are already in profit

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