Binance collaborates with Tokocyrpto for the bank transfer method for Indonesian users

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Indonesian users can use the bank transfer method through Tokocyrpto, which has collaborated with Binance. Transactions via Tokocyrpto also provide a low tax discount. This is very different from Indodax Indonesia.

For Indonesian users who want to deposit your money into Binance, you can use Tokocyrpto. Make your crypto trading experience even easier. Binance IDR or (BIDR) is a BEP2 stablecoin. The 1: 1 to rupiah (IDR) benchmark is directly supported by Binance and Tokocyrpto. You will easily buy btc and trade with popular trades like. BTC / BIDR, ETH / BIDR, BNB / BIDR and others.


How to deposit IDR

  1. Click (buy crypto) in the navigation menu
  2. Choose (bank deposit) then you select a bank. All banks are supported but there is an additional interbank transfer fee if you are sending from a non-selected bank.
  3. After that your balance will be converted to BIDR instantly.

How to withdraw IDR

  1. Select a wallet then tap spot wallet in the navigation menu.
  2. Select the withdrawal button
  3. Then select (fiat) on the withdrawal page, all banks are supported for this feature.
  4. BIDR will be immediately withdrawn to your bank account.

Hopefully with more market services it will make it easier for us to withdraw money from local banks in our country. In my opinion, Tokocrypto makes it very easy for us to make transactions in terms of withdrawals or deposits. In the Tokocyrpto market there is no hive registered, hopefully in the future Tokocyrpto will add a hive in their market. So we as Indonesian hive users will find it easier to make transactions. Hopefully this post will be useful for everyone and especially Indonesians. Thank you