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RE: Cryptocurrency: Innovation Take Money

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Yes, and you know those financial parasites aren't going to go away easily. I see the coming tussle as the mother of all battles in the struggle against the paradigm shift taking place. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out as they try to stop or co-opt, this growing movement.

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They are already putting up a fight. You are right, they are not going to give up their golden goose. Instead, they will use all tactics to try and counter what is taking place. FUD is a big one since they control the media. Government regulation is another.

The fact that Wall Street is entering shows they are trying to buy their way to control. It is what they do. However, we can innovate and develop more.

That is why I feel the social media aspect to all this is vital. It is where the masses are. Attracting them will bring in big numbers which will spread through the entire system.

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