Don't Buy that New iPhone Just Yet... (You'll thank me later)

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As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of that company out of Cupertino, California. Apple makes great products that people want to use. They have an uncanny sense of solving a problem we didn't even know we had. The attention to detail in everything they do is reflected in the fact that iPhones. Macs and iPads tend to retain their value over time.

I've supported them even during the difficult period shortly after Steve returned and things were touch and go for a bit. He brought the company back to life, and it's now reached heights never before imagined. One thing I do is stay up on all of the latest Apple news, which I check daily. Because of that, I usually have a heads-up when they're about to release something new.

It's that time again!

If you're about to purchase any new Apple device, just hold on until next week. One of my family members was about to do the same when I convinced her to wait. On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, Apple will hold a virtual event. Now, this is the season that they tend to release the latest model of iPhone. Since most people don't mine company news like I do, they remain blissfully unaware of these events only to find out later that an upgraded model has dropped. Don't be that guy, You can wait a few days.

The upcoming event is titled" 'California Streaming' and will kickoff at 10AM Pacific time (here in the states), which translates to 1PM Eastern time on the US east coast. With the UK being five hours ahead, it'll be streamed at 6PM there and 7PM in Germany. When I lived in Germany back in 2017/2018, I had to readjust my schedules in order to catch events from back home. This meant a lot of late evening streaming in order to see them live.

A new iPhone is usually a lock this time of year, however rumors are swirling that Apple may split things up into two announcements to be held this month, but nothing is known for sure. Typically, another expo is held in October as well. I do expect the iPhone 13, along with the new Apple Watch 7, the only question is when. I hope this post has been useful to you in making your purchasing decisions. So again, my advice is to wait, watch the 'California Streaming' event Tuesday, then decide what to buy after that.

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As I always say. that smart advice is never superfluous. Thank you so much for the informative post. Have a nice weekend and great mood.

Indeed, and it will be a weekend to remember for sure. I can't wait to see what Apple has in store for us on Tuesday!

It's good when you have a goal and passion. Your hobby is pretty interesting. Thank you.

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