Big Savings at the Apple Certified Refurbished Store

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Here is another in a series of posts in a pivot away from crypto, and towards more consumer-facing articles. Many may not realize it, but Apple has a special online store section filled with refurbished and clearance products. These items may have been returns or open-box, and have gone through a complete certification process. iOS tech receive a new battery and a brand-spanking new outer shell, insuring that the product you get is "like new." Shipping and returns are all free, to help make that purchasing decision a breeze.

The Apple Certified Refurbished Store has been restocked this week with huge savings of up to $200 on the 2020 M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The Refurb 2020 Mac mini is also available at up to $140 off list price. Why pay more when you can get your hands on an unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max, and use that $200 you save on AppleCare for your new device? The unlocked, refurbished 512GB iPhone XS is available at a savings of $320. You might want to act quickly as these products are on sale only while supplies last.

As word spreads throughout the Apple ecosystem after a store restock, word tends to spread fast and the best items usually get snapped up and out of stock until the next time. Checking the Apple Certified Refurbished Store today, I noticed they'd refilled the page since I'd last checked just a few days ago., so best not to wait. This is a site that deserves to be bookmarked for future reference, in case you have your eye on something special.

As I've said in other posts, my goal is to avoid paying full price whenever I can. That can mean shopping out of season, waiting for clearance sales, or even buying refurb. The money saved can be put to use on companion products or used to stack more crypto, creating a virtuous circle that benefits my own personal net worth. Have you ever purchased a refurbished product? Please share in the comment section below.

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When you buy refurbish product from the certified apple store, is it covered by the common warranty delivered with any apple product or it has limitation? I have never bought refurbish products before.

From the Apple Refurbished "About" page:

We back this quality commitment by including our standard one-year limited warranty with every Apple Certified Refurbished product. You also have the option of getting additional coverage by purchasing AppleCare products.

Great information.
It is time that I save money in the refurbished certified Apple Store.

I would maybe get a apple product if I had 2g for a top of the line desktop or laptop just for content creation.

100 bucks off would be cool but I don't know at 2g I probably wanna buy new and insure right?

Get post and valuable info on if your an average consumer trying to get into the apple ecosphere fairly cheaply.

Nice reply. I'm deciding between the iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and the low-cost Mac-mini. The new M1 chip smokes almost anything out there, but the hard part is choosing just one. We'll just have to keep growing our stake so we can buy them all! :)

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I did not know you were connected to dynamicsteemians. I may not be the person to follow as awhile ago, I joined their group, supported them and was taken for a ride. So that name leaves a bad taste in my mouth, just being honest so you won't waste any more time. I don't know who was running it, but it was not a good situation. Thanks.

What kind of rides were you taken on? You were on the curation trail and that is how I saw you. We had hundreds and hundreds of people in our discord.

When the price dramatically lowered everyone as a whole became more demanding and negative. At the same time my health spiraled and I left them group and blockchain for a year and a half.

What expectations were you expecting or promises that were not fulfilled that left you feeling this way? I would like to know just so I better understand and try to not repeat the same mistakes.

I am combing through the discord to see what happened. It seems you joined while I was transitioning to being homeless and finding a new home . I was popping in and out but for one post here and there.

All I can see is you joined the group while I was absent and felt neglected. I am sorry if this was the case.

This is why I am shifting my attention primarily to the blockchain and having people share posts in the community on hive instead of discord, though I haven't made that abundantly clear yet.

I am only one person with a small stake. I am sorry for not being there when I stated I would be in previous posts at the time.

I am keeping it simple this time. No expectations. Just engagement on content I like. If you do not want me to curate your content I understand completely.

Yes, that would be the way to go.

Im not entirely sure what you meant here

Yes, that would be the way to go.

I am assuming that you do not want me follow ya. I understand but not entirely without clarification on what happened.

Unless you meant just focusing on the blockchain instead of discord. Either way I appreciate your time and sorry for leaving you feeling a certain way. I would like to at least say sorry and understand better so my apology is more sincere.

Oh no, I'm good. It was so long ago I'm not even sure who it was, so no apology is necessary. I don't recall anyone being homeless or ill and am not even sure if whatever happened did so in Discord or regular comments. I just want nothing to do with dynamicsteemians. Thanks.

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