PredictTheFuture Challenge - What will the world be like in 2067?

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Greetings dear friends, I hope you are very well.

Today I join this nice initiative, a contest held by @daltono in which he invites us to expose our ideas of what the future would be like for the year 2067. I have read some entries and I have noticed that many of us have this open hope for a great future full of tranquility and prosperity.

I invite you to participate in this challenge, find out the rules to participate here.



Humans have always been fascinated by the future, always visualizing that in the future technology will dominate all areas of our lives. Based on this, he has created allusions to it in movies, video games, drawings and endless things that make us think that everything could be possible. This has allowed to instill in us a stable and sustainable future, although in other regrettable cases, they have sown some terror when they talk about a future where the human being destroyed the planet.

But let's talk about the positive side, let's not let our fears surface.

Let's put on our space helmets and travel to the future, let's visualize how everything would be in the year 2067, let's start with the following area:


Today we have an accelerated economy, the pandemic has weakened every economic base, it has not spared any country, confinement and lack of productivity has generated shortages and more demand for all goods. Paper money has become a very scarce material.

Therefore, I visualize in the future, that man will overcome all these problems by adopting new ways to strengthen the economy. Banking institutions will open the use of cryptocurrencies, you could have both the original currency of the country and savings in cryptocurrencies, tokens, the use of paper money will be replaced by the use of chips, perhaps a bracelet or code that allows us to instantly any transaction safely, as these will come personalized in such a way that no other person can use it, that is, you can no longer send your children to buy bread at the bakery, you must do it yourself.

The elimination of paper money will be economically positive, freeing every country from a daily printing expense, which would allow investment in other more vulnerable areas. The adoption of the legal use of cryptocurrencies will allow access to any foreign currency in terms of exchange, a global adoption would allow the traveler to not worry about making any change to the local currency.

The value of cryptocurrencies would be strengthened, since there would be an equitable supply and demand of the same, as we all know that produce the falls in the value of a cryptocurrency and its rises, it is nothing more than sales or purchases in large quantities at high or low prices. Once a fixed value is established, this will not happen.

In the same way that today, each person can create his own token and it can be exchanged among his closest friends and those with greater purchasing power could pay the international circulation fees.

And speaking of fees, I am sure that this would no longer be a headache, since the fee of each transaction would already be the minimum and not those where the exchange keeps half or more than half of what you transfer...



New forms of transportation will replace the ones we know today, these will be replaced by environmentally friendly technology, we will learn more about the use of solar energy and biodegradable fuel for public transportation over short distances. Small vehicles powered by solar-charged batteries.

For international travel, airplanes will be replaced by safe teleportation technology. Since there will be channels, stations and terminals that will allow it, imagine any stranger teleporting to your house while you are taking a shower?

Nowadays, studies of time travelers have been demonstrated, people who have broken the barriers of time and can pass from one dimension to another, in fact there are studies, cases, both from NASA and Russia that make studies and tests to make it possible and hermetically have managed to teleport objects from one place to another efficiently.

What makes you think it will not be possible?

The human being has achieved the teleportation of data in large amounts of information and has made it accessible to all, therefore in the near future, quantum teleportation will be dominated by the same.

Teleportation over long distances will be possible thanks to technology and physics.



Finally we will listen to nutritionists and doctors that animal protein is a factor that produces many diseases in our body, yet we need meat protein, advances in medicine will make this substitution possible, adding the necessary amounts in processed foods, processed and fast food will be reigning, which makes me think that humans will continue to live in an accelerated way to build their future busy in a job, however, we will be more friendly to animals. There will be no more killing them to consume their proteins, therefore extensive agriculture will be the substitution of all and in this sense, with a great technology within reach, the genetic manipulation of plants will make them bear fruits faster, free of pesticides and in giant sizes.

As I said before, we will have a sustainable and sustainable way of life within everyone's reach.



I want to visualize that there will be no such thing as ugly fashion.

The use of synthetic material and 3D printers will be sensational, and I think that customized chips will be on sale in which they could create a hologram of you and your clothing without changing your facial features. Maybe then we will be naked, but nobody cares, we have advanced minds and they will only let you see the hologram with inexhaustible batteries.

The fashion of years gone by will return without discrimination, from armed costumes of the castle age to the 90's where fashion was sensational and anyone can customize their costume to their liking in a limited way, but then, what would designers live on? We have to think of everyone.


Video games

My favorite topic of conversation, since I'm a gamer.

I have tried virtual reality games and they have been amazing, but as they are so expensive and so difficult to program they are short in terms of time to enjoy the theme, however observing the technology of the Xbox 360 in terms of body scanning and the most realistic way to capture the movement and the human body, makes me think about the possibility that by this year, video games will be more realistic and with great stories that will make us live unique experiences full of adrenaline.

They will allow us to burn a lot of calories and keep us active and healthy, although we will also have broad themes and according to what we want, we could decide between a violent war game, an RPG or simply one of travel or relaxing fishing and why not? one of passions and pleasure.

So my dear gamers, we will continue to be addicted to video games, these will have better graphics, better stories and we will be able to live them as if we were inside it through virtual reality.

And with our economy by then, accessible and balanced, the costs of these devices, consoles and studios will not be a problem.



As a result of this pandemic, under the theory of evolutionary adaptation, our bodies have been able to create mechanisms of protection and self-defense against disease.

With the evolution of technology and its fusion in medicine, the use of nano robots will be the key to cure many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, among others, our bodies will be healthier and less susceptible to disease.

What we should worry about is the usual issue of viruses in the technological part that will continue, but there is no disease without cure, and it is not that we will be immortal, it is simply that we will have better quality of life, so we could live longer as our ancestors, because with so much pollution and human activity, we have reduced our average life span to 40 years.

Thanks to the same technology we could have virtual visits in our own homes by doctors, for simple cases.

Blood transfusions will be replaced by plasma created by ourselves.

The replacement of some deformed, weakened or genetically malfunctioning organ can be replaced by intelligent technology inclined to the android side.

It could also be the case of more efficient use of stem cells to regenerate organs and tissues, body parts lost due to accidents.

We will have a chip that will automatically measure the blood values in our body, facilitating the work of bioanalysts in which the extraction of blood will be null.



Our advances in this area will make it possible to explore new worlds. To learn of new forms of life and to continue with the unknown that we are not the only ones in the universe. Perhaps with this we will meet living beings from other planets, beings more advanced than us that will provide us with enriching knowledge about technology and community with the environment.

Within our reach, thousands of knowledge and studies, we could choose between having a pregnancy in the womb for 9 months or a planned pregnancy through incubators, likewise we could adopt an android robot to cover any necessary space in our lives.

In the same way the fusion of robotics with android technology will allow us to have helpers for certain tasks both at home and at work, maybe this will make us move a little, but we will all have our space.

A fully mechanized and technological system will eliminate other unnecessary work and effort, less room for error and greater productivity. Happy and productive human beings in many areas.

This same branch is the one that will open up the nano technology I was talking about in health. There are current studies showing the feasibility of its use and tests are being implemented, so it will be possible and accessible as well.

Robotics applied in all areas of our lives in a conscious and efficient way will undoubtedly improve our quality of life.



I think we will continue to use social networks, virtual relationships, virtual reality, robotics, video games and everything that gives us pleasure in loneliness.

Perhaps it will make us somewhat insecure human beings and we will find it difficult to socialize in person, therefore our real circles of friendships could be very small but concentrated. Our family relationships will be the key to everything.

I conclude that we will be highly sociable human beings but only at the virtual level, in the personal we will have many deficiencies, due to the use of so much technology.

I would like to expand on more fascinating aspects of how I envision the world in the future, but the post would be too long to read.

I invite you to participate, a joy that unites us in sharing.

See you in a few hours, I will travel to the past, to the reunion of my ancestors. Everything will be possible.


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I’m so glad you decided to make an entry to the challenge. After reading you comment on mine, I knew you had a lot to talk about.
I think you did a wonderful job letting your ideas out and I appreciate you being willing to state your opinions on the future.

Quantum teleportation, incubator babies, and nano bots were my favorite topics that you mentioned.

We are definitely in for some major changes when it comes to the year 2067. I look forward to being around to see what it is like.

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I was very excited to participate, I summarized many things, otherwise the reader would take hours to read and get tired, so I tried to make it entertaining and keep the reader glued to my letters.

I was also worried about the expiration time of the contest, I promise that the next one will be much better.

I'm glad you like it, a hug for you, thanks for reading.

You did amazing and got it done before the challenge was over. Great work!

Thank you, once again

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