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This world is changing rapidly. If we just look at the past centuries of the world, we can find several centuries was famous for several reasons. Sum of the centuries was very much famous for the literature work, sum of the centuries was famous for war, and many more. But now the world is changing so rapidly as it is the era of Technology. I am going to share my part with the topic named Cryptocurrency.
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Technology has given us a lot of things specially in this era. In this rapidly changing technological era we have found the digital currency. Another name of cryptocurrency is digital currency. I think it is one of the best inventions of this modern technology of XXI th century. Any invention of the 21st century should be included in the top list if it is helping ease the lifestyle and contribute a lot to the human being. For example, we know will or induction motor is the top most listed invention by the human being because those invention was pretty much helpful for the human being and it was a part of initiation of new research.

I just want to mention keep two currencies of such kind because it is the initiation of a new method of digital currency and it is helping to think outside the box for making our life style simple.

From the previous era of the world, we used to use blurter system, the gold currency than silver currency and then the current form of coin and note. But you can see the currency is not applicable to all the countries whatever you have at your hand. Where you are staying in a country and your currency is not dollar then you need to convert it into another currency while you are going to abroad. This is the problem. Another problem with the currency is of being stolen. When you have a lot of money with you or at your hand or in your home, you are not out of danger of robbery hijacking. So, it is another problem which is very much associated with security of the life.
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Cryptocurrency or Digital currency is the solution of these problems. Your asset or currency is stored in digital form and it is almost impossible for others to steal. As it is developed with blockchain technology that the reason it is impossible for the hackers even to hack the website for making control over your money. So, you can easily understand how security it is and that's why the technology people adopted this currency in many of the countries.

In another site you will find the universality. There is no country by area for any digital. You can withdraw sale bye and have transaction at any places of the world if you have a simple device like smartphone with you. So, this is very convenient that's why in modern world when it is matter of globalization, we need to go to several countries frequently so in that where we can get out of the hassle of conversion. Anyone can use the cryptocurrency when he is travelling from one country to another country as it is accepted to each and every part of the world. In that case you will have couple of more advantages as well like price changing problem and conversion fees.
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The main drawback of the technology is the understanding and time taking for adoption. We had a lot of technologies in our world and many people of several countries had taken some time to edit with technology and many of the cases that right to observe the scenario fast then they adopted. So, I think in case of cryptocurrency this kind of things are happening as well. There are some drawbacks is being discussed by many of the countries of the world about the disadvantages of illegal financing. But I think it is possible to mitigate such kind of problems if all the countries come together to have better solution with the digital currency and in that over the world will move forward faster and people will have convenient life living style in this globalization world. As we know some of the countries are not allowing this kind of digital currencies except their Central Bank currency for payment. But experts say that it is is not far away from us that all the countries will adopt with the blocks in technology and when they will adopt the blockchain technology for the betterment of the country and Technology hopefully they will adopt cryptocurrency as well. Thanks a lot for stopping by and thanks for the contest as well

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