The Impact Of Technology And Crypto

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I had a discussion with a friend of mine yesterday about how crypto has changed his life positively and how it has become a daily activity for him which he cannot do without and in that process it has also made him an active user in the world of crypto. No doubt crypto have really played a positive role in people's lives especially where unemployment is the problem in some part of the world that have affected them financially without a means of surviving to feed not to talk of taking care of families.

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It have played a role of making people in the crypto world self employed and boss on their own without depending or serving under anyone. Though, we have a lot of people who are into crypto and also have their own business or are also working but have crypto as backup for future and financial purposes.

I grew up in a country where unemployment is a big issue because we will definitely see new set of graduates graduating from school every year and the opportunity to get a job is not guaranteed until maybe you have people at the top and what do I mean by that people who are financially stable or have connections in securing slot for you in big companies.

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Which is why I appreciate technology in our world today because it is definitely the main source of locating such opportunities like cryptocurrency through the internet and it have played a positive impact to the people in giving them the opportunity to locate opportunities and legit stuffs online where the aspect of making cool money can be noticed.

Imagine a world without crypto and technology

Technology has gone viral in the aspect of creating opportunites for people in different aspect especially through the internet like I said earlier. Now imagine we live in a world without technology in the era we are now so many opportunities won't be noticed with the like of;

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Accessing the internet which is the main priority
  • job opportunities
  • business opportunities
  • content creators and other talents won't be noticed through social media
  • bloggers won't have the opportunity to do so and so many other opportunities that requires technology through the internet.

The truth is the only way now to access the internet is through our gadgets which is the role technology has played for us to access the internet with our phones and laptops which is why am grateful for such opportunity. We are entitled to our own opinion which is why I believe without the role of technology and the positive part of crypto so many people will still be jobless and will also be in financial crisis. I am not saying it has really helped all but have reduced it in a positive note which have helped so many to be financially free and have create opportunites for so many in our world today.

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Though, investing in crypto is choice because not everyone have the mind to do so or invest in it because they don't want to be in the losing side but once your mind is determined and your faith and hope is strong in progressing in it will definitely yield success because life itself is a risk and with that we have a lot of people trooping into crypto daily because of the believe in changing the world to another level.

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Internet really changed a life of many people in this global contribute positive impact to their life. In time cryto, many people become rich.

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It has really changed a lot of things positively

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