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RE: My Thoughts on Creating a Bitcoin Fund From DHF to Partially Insure HBD Pegging

in LeoFinance11 months ago

Yeah, imo for me one of the best approaches is precisely to make a LP with another stablecoin, just like the pHBD-USDC pool, maybe thinking of diversifying with more pools, such as: pHBD-UST, pHBD-USDT, pHBD-DAI, pHBD-BUSD, and maybe using the newest Layer-0 capabilities to generate mechanisms that provide OmniChain interoperability for the HBD...

However, I'm no developer (not even a little) so this is just a raw idea.

Best regards bro, enjoying your content very much.


- EvM


I agree the LP idea on PolyCub is very good, provided it becomes deep enough to be really useful. And it would help to stabilize the price of HBD to some degree also, among other benefits. But that's a side-effect of providing liquidity to HBD via pHBD, which is not what was proposed by creating a fund to back HBD pegging. Remains to be seen if a Bitcoin Fund is deemed necessary, either for backing, or, maybe better for the treasury.