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RE: Why We're So Loyal To Apple

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And everyone who is an apple fan is among the

I am considering getting a new phone and my neighbor who is one of the faithful consciously keeps recommending apple products to me. He is the one person I know who keeps buying their products everytime he needs a change in device

Ranging from his PC to his phones are all apple products. And then there is another neighbor of mine who is always out to put him In a tight position for being a faithful

but my friend doesn't back out, he is a fan of apple and nothing stops him not even the idea that he has to keep carrying his power bank around because his iPhone is always out of battery most of the time.

Maybe it is time I joined this faithful and feels what they feel. what do you think?

I bet Samsung is lurking around waiting for Apple to introduce something else so that they will criticize and then copy as they always do

Kudos to Steve for beating off all of his competitors


A lot of thet attitude comes from the time in the 1990's when Apple was under seige. Users began to circle the wagons and it didn't look like they would survive. Part of the reason I bought my first iMac was that I saw how passionate he was about me choosing a Mac over a PC. He said "You have no idea what it would mean to me if you chose a Mac." He would be able to tell his locla Apple user group that he'd "converted" another one and there would be a celebration.

Think about that for a moment.

Users for other platforms weren't behaving like that and I was so intriuged, that I looked into this and saw just how different they viewed technology compaired to the PC world. I got that Mac and I suggest you consider that Apple has among the highest customer satisfaction in the industry and has since it first started in 1976. But at the end of the day, purchase whatever works best for you. :)

I completely understand where you are coming from especially where you getting converted would call for celebration with your friend.

Yes Apple are able to satisfy their customers, maybe, I will have to get converted myself...smiles

Thank you