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This week I received a text message from a dear friend, inviting me to this new crypto-based web browser with which we can earn Bitcoin. Running Brave myself, I hesitated to click the link to check the website, let alone try the browser! Though I was curious, priorities have to be set.

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Days passed before I gave in to my curiosity

Today was the day. While listening to a 24hrs album "Route One" by the Icelandic electronic band Sigur Ròs, I surfed to the main page of CryptoTab.

Album at Spotify: click me

Expecting a kinda clone to Brave, I was in for a surprise!

Yes, we can earn cryptos!

Sounds the same as Brave.

But what? We can mine as well?

Browser mining by good actors; Ones that give us the money for mining instead of going stealth mode to steal our computer resources! Wonderful!

But wait.... What?

We receive Bitcoin but we mine Monero?

Must be a Monero mining team trying to get some cheap compute power. Cleaver! Very very clever! I wouldn't be surprised whatever the team distributes to the miners, is a fraction of what they earn with the Monero miner. Though I wouldn't be surprised as well if their own margin is minimal. The world has so many faces. To learn the face of this team, one must do extensive research. Something I tend to leave to others, as much as I can :)

Affiliate income? Partnership Dashboards?

Fancy names for what turns out to be a referral program. One modelled after pyramids. Not that this pyramid has the chance of falling over. It's one of the more stable kinds. Interested? Just browse to the FAQ of CryptoTab or click me.

Time for some more - over the top - research.

FAQ tells us: "You need to earn at least 0.00001 BTC which is our minimum amount for withdrawing. It won't take long and you can probably reach this amount right on the first day! And it will take even less time if you invite friends to your mining network."

0.00001 BTC is like what...half a US dollar?

With a large pyramid down below us, it may be multifold, but still. A few dollars to let my beloved 3k$ laptop run wild all the time while sucking in lots and lots of electrons from the energy grid for the cost of a cup of coffee a day?

Feeling Nostalgic

Back in the days In the times of the early adopter PC's owners.

For the young readers: PC is Personal Computer

In those days, I provided my PC resources to the earliest of the earliest distributed computing project: SETI. SETI's goal was simple, searching for extraterrestrial life by scanning and processing the entire universe. In between, I was supporting the search for the next biggest prime number of the type: Mersenne. Another distributed compute project.

No crypto's on offer those days. No fiat. Not even some loyalty or game points. Nothing, Nada, Noppes. Contributions to these projects were plain and simple: a donation! Nothing more, Nothing less than that.

...SOOOOO much fun, I had!

For as long as two years I gave all my available compute resources while making the energy company very happy.

Back to Cryptos and Mining

The fun in providing compute resources for some decentralised project is gone. When money compensation comes into play, I leave it to others to provide compute resources for mining purposes.

Added to that, I like my Brave, and Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome bowsers too much; Five altogether. Can't handle another one :)

And last but not least: I LOVE a quiet house! The next laptop will be one without a fan altogether. Like a phone, but then with a big screen and a proper operating system. Hopefully, M2 chip-enabled.

You know what laptop I'm talking about?

in case you wanna know...

Did You Know?

Our own Trumpman got his own token! A bit of a shame he created one with another crypto-based social network. Bitclout, or something like that. Read his Tweet this afternoon. Too lazy to search for his post. It's in his blog: @trumpman.

To the LEO team

Apparently, LEO whales like Bitclout for the fact it gives each user its own token. Wouldn't it be a great idea to make such a feature available with LEO as well? Bridging Leo Finance with Leo DEX? Glueing both services with some code and voilá! When applying some glue between Bitclout and our side, we make it super easy for those users to walk the bridge to LEO and HIVE. Pretty cool huh?

a LEO/HIVE original

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I'm on Bitclout (brixboston100)
I wouldn't say it's a scam. But I will say it's misunderstood and eccentric from the general ethos of social blockchain we are used to. They define decentralized differently. To me it's run more like a Silicon Valley typical VC startup. Some folks are making waves of money there. If you have any trading experience, it could literally be your own personal money factory. The downside is that it's social. Sadly, so many real humans that are really great people are losing their shirt to trading with big sharks in a social format. I wish they would join Hive- at least ALSO, so their first experience with social blockchain wasn't so negative. I love how you spoke to bridging a path between here and there. I wish there really was a way, or an interest. I've been thinking about launching NFTs in showroom as a way to onboard all the talented NFT artists to showroom. So sad. I have about 50 hive left over I could give away but our coin is only worth 50 cents. The fact is most folks there are making around $50 a day real USD and couldn't be bothered with posting here. Heck, I still wish I could know how to make a payout like yours or I'd put more time here.

Owww this whole Bitclout thing I forgot about again until I read your comment here :)

The bridge I was talking about, was more like a joke. Though I realise in the none crypto world, people may be active on multiple social media, hence this shall not be a surprise when this happens in the crypto space as well. Though in crypto space, I feel users in effect not being that active, just spend a lot of time dropping their posts everywhere, trying to gain rewards in a relatively easy way. To support these users, reducing their time to the absolute minimum, bridges shall be built. One frontend to all the crypto-based social networks. And then: Let the money roll in {or something like that} 😂😂😂

What you mean by "trading with big sharks in a social format"?

Bitclout's a scam

Owwww, is it? In what way? Do they try to get wallet information? Or a little less serious than that?

WOW. Doesn't seem like something to get involved with. A shame to crypto space, so it seems.

Whuuutttt thanks for sharing this information. Always need to do our research before starting with or getting into something. Because of scams like these, people are hesitant to get into the crypto space.

True! Through these videos, I also understood this service requires paying for every action. Something I sort of understanding why this may support the reduction of spam, but something that feels not right for social media. Yet another reason why not even try and use this service.

That is true. Do the research and also follow our instinct, especially those who have been doing this long enough.


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I'm happy enough with what I earn by using Brave. It's a decent browser too. There will always be scams out there though.

Agree regarding Brave. I'll likely not gonna try the other one. It's Chrome-based, like Brave. That in itself could be a reason to use it to replace one of my other browsers. For specific tasks I use different browsers so I don't need to log out/in constantly.

Yea, scams always around. This one fooled me initially, so was very happy to receive the vids dropped by Kevin. You would think when some well-known people are behind a project, they have some kinda honest approach to it. I guess Mark Zuckerberg may be more honest than the FinkelBros and sets a different light to who was more dishonest in the whole birth of FB.

What a story about putting your pc to work in the SETI project. Have you already written a post about that? Sounds really interesting and what a time huh?
We've come a long way since then 😅.

I never did a dedicated post on SETI, but mentioned this project 4 years ago in this post: https://ecency.com/post/@edje/do-you-remember-seti-gridcoin-provides-the-network-for-any-service-to-make-use-of-any-idle-processing-time Thinking of it: It must have been 1995 when I started with SETI. Maybe early 1996.

EDIT: had to do some investigation... turns out, SETI distributed computing was released to the public in 1999 only. Mersenne Prime distributed computing was launched back in 1996. My grey cells were mixing up a few things in terms of time and all.

Still going strong at Seti: https://www.seti.org/ (no distributed computing though, since last two decades).

Ah cool to know about all of those different projects. Thank you for sharing those facts and your own story.

Wow, the '90's... I was definitely not into ICT and all it has to offer back then. If I could turn back the time with what I know now, I think I would be more into researching all of the options and puzzling the systems and hardware.

Never too late to enter the digital world. I remember I was keeping the analogue telephone line busy a lot of the time when I still used a modem to dial into bulletin boards (other computers allowing incoming connections). This was before the Internet was rollout. And before we had WWW. And before we had search engines. Interesting times. The phone bill was quite massive those days :)

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Hahahaha I remember the dial-up times and it was because of that steep telephone bill, my dad stopped the service. After that we had to go to "cybercafé's" 😂. Only when the technology and the service costs got better, we had internet at home.

It's indeed never too late; no time like today right?

Absolutely! 👍