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XR/AR/VR is definitely something to keep an eye on. I think the applications will grow exponentially from now on. Service like MIMO is now being marketed offering a more playful enjoyment of breaks and lunches with our colleagues. Events are held in AltSpaceVR and similar services. All the big brands in consumer goods (from Nike to everybody), already playing around with hologram displays for a few years already. Last few years that part was a bit expensive, but since more and more companies are entering this space, the technology will become better, the experience will become better, and the brands will invest a lot more money to market their products. Two years ago companies like Deloitt experimented with holography at physical conferences. Regarding the virtual store experience: Back in the days when 'Second Life' was in hype mode, I already tried to convince the people around me (and sometimes also my customers), Internet will change from a 2D experience into a 3D experience in which we mapped out real planet into a virtual planet. Second Life already showed us, we can build our lives around virtual lives, with some users spending all their available time in Second Life, spend their hard-earned dollars to buy virtual goods. Some of the virtual goods designers did make record income, just by selling virtual shoes, or whatever. The first experiments with virtual concerts were also in Second Life. I don't know where we will be in 5 years from now, or 10 years, but I would not be surprised we will see a lot of people with a 'virtual life' addiction. Whether we'll classify this as an illness or as the new normal, that is to be seen :)

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What you say about all this is true. It is an incredible space to focus upon and watch what happens. We are going to see accelerating development. I still think that are hardware challenges to work out but those get better over time.

The next few years will really help this industry (sector) to turn the corner. It is growing but I think it is nearing the point of taking off.

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I think it is nearing the point of taking off.

Same here; All sort of indications that a mass explosion is around the corner. For instance, I see more and more VR rooms poping up left and right. I see more people giving a VR experience as a present to their friends, parents or whomever. Even the companies selling gifts for companies are offering these services more and more.