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Interestingly, when Tesla wasn't invented and Elon made the impossible, possible, we wouldn't have seen computer on wheels today. The traditional car industry was experimenting with eg self-driving cars for the last 3 to 4 decades. When I was in Uni back in the late 80s/early 90s, I was already exposed to these tests. But none of the car manufacturers took this a step further. I have no clue why not, but they didn't. The transition towards the computer on wheels, was maybe a too large transition none of the established businesses wanted to burn their profits on. But now they need to, to even stay relevant, and they all know it, hence they all start to develop and deliver cars similar to Tesla.

This is very similar to what we call today: Hyperloop. Same thing. 30 to 40 years ago, such technology (vacuumed pipes) was already marked as THE technology to move super fast from A to B whilst energy consumption minimised. Very expensive to build, so no government or privately held company is taking the task to make it happen. Again we need Elon with his Boring company to kickstart this transition.

Back to cars: Next transition should be to force car owners to share their cars with others. Most of our cars are sitting idle for 90 to 95% per day. Most of our roads are gridlocked. We need a lot of taxpayers money to expand our roads. The solution to all these problems is: Sharing cars. Think of this: When cars are indeed 100% self-driven and allowed by our governments/societies to drive around 100% self-driven, finally we have the ultimate personal transformation vehicle. A vehicle that brings us from start to destination without having to switch vehicles, a vehicle we can enjoy like we are sitting in a bus or train, ie we can do whatever we want, from reading a book, watching a video, work or whatever. When we include the shared concept to this puzzle, it's like a taxi. We don't have to store the car somewhere anymore, we just call for a car that will pick us up wherever we want.

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ack to cars: Next transition should be to force car owners to share their cars with others.

Sorry to disagree. While I think robotaxis will eventually become the norm, I dont think people should be "forced" to do anything with their property. That is not freedom.

People who want to, sure go ahead and do it.

Should governments force you to accept some homeless person to live in your home simply because many nations have homeless issues?

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'Force' can be applied in many ways. In the end, it's a cultural shift we need.

ps The other example you gave is a typical discussion blocker. To that point: I believe society shall be caring and helpful to those in need. You're from the USA where society is not giving support to those in need (homeless people in this case), hence you have many of them. I'm from the Netherlands, and we do provide support to those in need, hence we have the occasional homeless person only (with most homeless people being homeless by choice). Whether it is our government paving the path of such a culture of us supporting others, or we as a society decide to do so by ourselves, doesn't matter to me. I suppose we see the difference between the USA approach and the Dutch approach which hints towards a conclusion we can draw on what works and what doesn't work.