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Since I'm devoting part of my daily time to crypto projects in the search of investment opportunities, I seem to be drawn into the whole space, again! Like many of us, back in 2017, I was quite active, trading almost anything, irrespective of the project, goals, viability and promises. And then, early 2018, the massive dump of everything! I kept all that I had and left it where it was. Fortunately, my budget was more like a handful of cents, hence I didn't lose anything, but I gained a huge amount of experience!

Q3'20 I got myself connected again with cryptos. In all these years, I kept myself involved a lot with HIVE and many of the dApps build around this chain. In that sense, I always kept myself involved with the crypto universe (well, more like the HIVE universe 🙃). Also, I've been following the crypto space as such, but not more than just following the major events and trends. Nothing woke me up. Not even the DeFi hype followed by the NFT hype.

Last October, it was KOINOS that got me back into none-HIVE crypto projects again. Mined for a few days. Connected with the community on Discord and Telegram and eventually spend a lot of time talking 'rubbish' with all others having an interest in KOINOS. It was GREAT FUN {for a reason with capital letters 🙃}. One thing led to another, and now I find myself devoting considerable time investigating crypto projects. Reading whitepapers, Analysing websites, Researching team members, Discovering influencers, Viewing videos, Hearing podcasts, Chatting with crypto fans, and advising friends and acquaintances when they approach me with the question: "Shall I start investing in Crypto?"

For weeks I was planning to share some of what I've discovered with you, the LEO community. Only today I thought of how I can bring you some information that can be of value. I ditched a business meeting this afternoon, so I could write this post. Do you see how dedicated I can be? 🤣

my most loved street shop of 2021 😍

I use 'My Portfolio' page at CoinGecko to track the crypto's that for one or the other reason got my interest. In some of them, I'm invested. Others are either undecided, or I just want to see how they evolve. I was surprised when I created the screenshot. The list is longer than I expected. That said, with more than 5k coins and token in the market, and likely more than a few 10s of thousands of projects in the crypto universe, this list is super short. And I'm sure, when I would know all the projects from in and out, this list will be much longer.


Social chains and projects are quite well established on my list. HIVE and LEO (wLEO) are obvious of course. But also APPICS, STEEM and HUNT are on the list.

APPICS, the Instagram on a blockchain, I like as a service and use it from time to time. Currently still on the Steem chain, soon it'll move to Telos (TLOS). The reason why Steem and TLOS are amongst the 23 coins/tokens I follow more closely. I have to dig into TLOS more, but it seems to be a chain build on top of EOS and has a growing eco-system of its own; Some interesting dApps for sure. Think of NFT. Think of Gaming. Think of Gig Economy and more.

HUNT, initially launched on the Steem chain with the crypto version of Product Hunt, a service I liked because of what it tried to create. Though the team initially showed they wanted to create a really valuable service, in the end, it became a place of spam and buddy voting. For a few months using the service, I had a great time. For some reason, I can't de-scope this token from my tracking list. I still like the concept.


AVA, the token of the Travala service, is for sure on this list. Travala is one of the few crypto projects bridging crypto to the mass. It's a travel service through which anybody can book hotels and flights. They use Booking.com (and Agoda as far as I know) databases, so almost everything you can find elsewhere is available through Travala. But that's not all! Paying for the nights and travels can be done with a wide variety of crypto coins and tokens. Added to that, with every purchase the buyer is rewarded with some AVA tokens. How cool is that? The perfect way to get none-crypto people acquainted with crypto. And what about the crypto people? They can buy real-life valuable services with their crypto's! Everybody travels. Some more than others, but everybody travels. Many use Booking and Agoda to get their accommodations and flights in the pocket. I'll not be surprised when this project will enter the top 20, or even top 10. Crypto space can learn from the approach Travala took!

crypto tracker | screenshot from coingecko portfolio service


NIOX, EASY, FXF, GYSR, SOAR, WISE, XVIX, ZEFU. This space I try and pick up for the last few months. But màààààannnnn! Soooo many projects and tokens! Some of them are more or less straightforward to comprehend, but others are quite complex. It almost looks to me, the banks with their math departments entered the crypto space, trying to create as complex financial instruments as possible. Left and right, new projects. And what astonishes me a lot, is the fact some of the smaller projects gain traction without decent information, without a whitepaper, without transparency of the team. Traders and speculators moving in (and out) with up to 50 and 100 Ether per swap. Are they crazy? Or am I the crazy one? Influencers are shilling some of the tokens in my follow list (eg EASY). While others entered the list based on video and audio reviews which I qualified as interesting (eg SOAR). Some of them got my attention due to the way the team presents itself in combination with the service they setup (eg FXF, WISE, ZEFU). A few are on my list because I don't understand what's happening (eg GYSR, XVIX).


FUN, EHRT. I'm not a gamer myself, but I would be stupid when not including some of the gaming chains and tokens in my follow list. Back in 2017, it was FUNfair that got my attention. The first and only chain to power (online) casino's. They came a long way, since the chain and token launch back then. By now, they have a relatively successful online casino while they also offer the service white labelled to the market. Needless to say: They have one of the best names out in the crypto universe. Who doesn't like to own a little FUN?


AGI, DATA, AGRS: I feel I have way too few technology projects on my list. Three only! I intend to grow this list in the coming months, a lot! AGI is in the space of AI. Love the brand they've chosen: Singularity. Something that will happen for sure! For those who don't know what Singularity means, in short: "Singularity is the event when AI reaches the same intelligence levels as a human". We just need the quantum computer, and Singularity will not be far out in the future anymore. That's not a belief, that's a certainty! In case you not agree, fine with me, but don't come to me whining and crying and all when it happens anyway. We shall prepare ourselves, since post-Singularity means, amongst others, no-jobs for any of us anymore. We are already very late to transform our social, natural raw material, financial and tech systems to able to deal with post-Singularity. Many are shouting to Wakeup when we follow too much our governments in COVID times. But we really need to Wakeup regarding Singularity and post-Singularity. The later will have devastating effects on us when not prepared. The effects of COVID will be overshadowed by a million times, at least. DATA is in the IoT space. AGRS is in the space of automated decision making based on (social) interactions.

What About You?

You must have your list of projects you follow for one or another reason. Don't hesitate to share them with us down below in the comment section. Or be inspired and write a post about them. I for sure am very much interested in what you believe are interesting and maybe even important projects. Who knows, I may write review and opinion articles about them 🙃

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HUNT is too weird to me. With the crazy airdrop into token swap into airdrop thing. I had some in the past and don't care about the swap thing. I think I miss something out in Value, but things that work in that way never be successful IMO.

APPICS is very cool, no idea how it will work out on Telos.

To your other coins, some I know and some I don't :) IMO AI and Singularity and Quantum computer will be most likely not on a Blockchain at first, for data fairness it would be really cool, but big tech will it hold most likely private.

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Hunt: successful or not doesn't matter in today's market. It got a very nice bump up the last 24hrs :)

AI/Singularity/Blockchain: When looking at the bigger picture, when we reached singularity, we better made sure the big tech is not owning the tech. When so, they will be the real governments and 1984 is not far away. We simply have to make sure, AI gets into the hands of us all. When not doing so, I predict a not so cool future for humankind. With that, I'm not saying blockchains will have to be used or will be used. Technology is just the implementation of a restructuring we have to force in one or the other way. Tech used will be the result of whatever we transform into. When we do nothing, as I mentioned in the post, the effects will be devastating (in the negative sense) for societies; At least a million times more devastating than the effects of COVID.

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I ditched a business meeting this afternoon, so I could write this post. Do you see how dedicated I can be?

I wouldn't expect any less! :)

Unfortunately, I can not respond to your questions here, as I have the right person to do that crypto projects part instead of me... but I would like to say that the street photo is so nice :D

The street photo is the best content of the whole post. You know: "True Hapiness Lies in the Little Things" :)


hehe, no, it is just me who has no clue about crypto projects... I mean, I hear of them all the time from my husband, he describes each one he is interested in and he asks me for my opinion and everything but I really am just a musician who right now writes her post :D ... and is happy with the little things like learning to record....with...an... you will see :)

I have no clue of crypto projects as well.... I just pretend {LOL}

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As you say, there are many projects... on Coingecko alone they list over 8000... and I have quite an extensive list which I have invested in... and only AGI is the same as yours. And I do not even like it ... was just a speculative punt. I do not believe AI will be a big player in the future , neither will Machine Learning projects. My reasoning is that AI is linear and only as good as the human logic coded into the algorythms.

Gaming I have ENJ and have invested in a few Gods Unchained chests from the initial launch
I really like Zilliqa although they perform poorly financially but I believe their tech and sharded chain will outstrip most existing blockchains. Scilla their SC language is easily understood by coders with Json, C++, Python and mnore. So larger skill set and cheaper skill set available
Others...BNB the NASDAQ of crypto, CRO ... Crypto.Com.. trying to rival BNB... definitely here to stay.
Civic, AGI, QTUM, 1INCH (just a punt) ...
Too many to mention actually as I have been active for 4 years

My reasoning is that AI is linear and only as good as the human logic coded into the algorythms.

Interesting view. My view is different to that for sure. The algorithms we putting into AI are not lineair at all. Uncertainty and Probability are part of these algorithms making these algorithms not determinstic anymore, at least not to humans. The idea of absolute randomness will enter these algorithms, if not already today.

You've mentioned a few other tokens that I have some handful of as well. Didn't list them in the list above, since that list contains tokens I track at the moment: some I have some, others I'm only tracking. In 2017 got myslef into a lot of differents ones and never monetised those, hence all became almost worthless. Maybe some of them are picked up in this bullrun we are in. Let the Altseason start :)