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RE: How Close Are We To More Money Printing Leading To Deflation?

in LeoFinance11 months ago

It's hard to take this stance 100% seriously when you make no mention of hyperinflation and act as though it is simply a theory that's never actually happened. Hyperinflation happens all the time, so how can you write a half dozen posts like this without addressing how/why it happens and why that wouldn't happen to USD?

In my view, the reason why we are experiencing such massive deflationary pressure is due to way less people spending money. Velocity is hitting all time lows because people are afraid the system is going to collapse. Unemployment is at record highs. Everyone is HODLing USD so the value goes up. The supply of products goes up because less are buying them. It doesn't matter how much the FED prints because no one is spending it and all that debt is simply owed back to the FED anyway.

There should be a point where the fishtail swings back and a lot of that velocity gets pumped back into the system at an alarming rate. While the deflationary pressure of technology is exponential, it is also constant and predictable. The situation we are in is anything but constant and predictable. Your focus has always been on technology, but tech is only one of a thousand variables in this economic simulation.

Tech has nothing to do with the violent thrashing fishtailing we see happening in the economy right now. Rather, it's being caused by absolute corruption at the top of this pyramid-scheme and the need for those greed-monsters to try to preserve their wealth.