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RE: Payment gateways could eliminate the use of cash

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Oh hey there I think I've seen you on Twitter.
Nice to see you on LEO.
Looks like you've been around three months.
And a far longer history on Hive/Steem.
Good to have you here.

Goodbye cash.

This is always a good message to throw out there.
Cash's last remaining utility is the physical nature of privacy.
Shame it doesn't store value better.

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Thanks for the welcome, yes, I have some time on these blockchain steem/Hive. It has been very nice to be on the Leofinance, I like the idea of learning many positive and financial things here.

Yes, the value of privacy provided by cash is great, but its value is a challenge. Here in Venezuela our currency is devalued, but still many people prefer to use cash because they feel more secure, less exposed to online scams.

Thank you for the welcome and for sharing your opinion, I reflected a lot after reading you!

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