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RE: Why not buy $5-$10 of each Hive based token?

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Good idea! I just bought STEM tokens the other day. I wanted to buy cheaper but the price moved quickly in my face and my bur orders stay behind. I decided to buy some, stake it and wait. I'm going to check which tokens have good potential.

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You can set the price and wait for someone to buy. The liquidity is so low that you probably had an effect on the price with your purchase. I bought $5 usd of WEED and sent the price up 40%

I set some buying orders for STEM but people starring to drive the price up and someone placed buying orders that were much higher than mine, I got tired of waiting and I filled some selling orders hahaha.

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That’s how it goes. I think stem might be the next coin to grow in value at hive. Not really my niche but I like that we have it!

I bought stem at 0.13Hive and only a few days later, it jumped to 0.33Hive 😁

Nice timing! I put some orders at 0.15 / 0.16 and then it went up, I had to but higher... Next time I'm going to hurry.

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I just bought a fat stack with my leo gain after the pump. Imagine I sold like 400Leo and it covered for all the Hive I spent when I bought 2000leo 😄. If STEM can do something like this for me, I will be grateful


Wow! I remember some months ago I heard on Twitter that you were going to buy a lot of LEO. I'm buying more STEM little by little.

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