Online Advertising Fraud - Don't get caught up in the 'real' bubbles!

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We happened to be approached by someone today, looking for a partner to 'invest' in what appears to be a complicated 'FanPage' Scheme with Facebook. We had never heard of this before, that Facebook 'In-stream' Ads on your videos of just over 3 minutes could be very profitable.

It almost seems like someone might want to build a business model on the shifting sands of internal facebook policies!

Of course, we are not interested in 'investing' in anything within spitting distance of that idea. And today we would like to show you why.

Why Online Advertising is Fraudulent

It is well documented that some percentage of online advertising is fraudulent, it has just never been very clear how much of it is fraudulent. This causes some statistical anomalies. Luckily humans and bots generally act differently.

When looking at a data set of online activity, two populations emerge. Usually, platform managers assume the larger population is the human population, and the smaller population is the bot population, and go about doing things that make it harder for the smaller population to operate.

There is reason to believe that bot activity may actually be greater than human activity. Leading to an ironic situation where some platforms might actually be supporting bots while minimizing the impact of actual human behavior. Who's a bot and who's not notes that scientists continue to study the apparent difference between humans and bots, the results of which someone will probably make a better bot.

In our estimation, Online Advertising is little more than a Ponzi on its last legs. It remains to be seen who are the ultimate victims of this dangerous bubble in the 'value of online eyes'. Now it seems that a boycott may give Facebook cover to completely change their model, before its competitors like Gargle/Yutube are proven to be outright fraudulent.

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We find it particularily sad that a whole generation of kids are thinking to grow up and be YouTubers, something that in our estimation will not be a career as it is not based on a sustainable model or platform, just some temporary, almost accidental, largesse spawned from a broken system.

Be careful out there!

This is not advice, it is History. Always Due your Diligence!

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There are two reasons why I wouldn't touch FB advertising with a ten foot pole anymore, without even considering the bots and scams. I tried it a couple of times to promote my book when it first came out (not in videos or anything, just "promote this post" for a few bucks). I barely got any "engagement" at all with those posts which made me think it wasn't worth it, and as I spent more time on the platform I began to figure out why (or at least, I think this is why): I myself as a user see the same promoted ad over and over and over and over and over and over and over. They probably count each of those times as one hit toward the paid "promotion"'s limit, instead of me the user as one. So if you pay to promote your post to 1000 extra people, you're probably not putting it in front of 1000 people - but maybe 100 people, ten times each, or something. At least that's my guess. It didn't seem to work for me. 😒