One seemingly profitable strategy for DCity - EVENT recruitment

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As mentioned in our beginner's guide, there are a number of different ways to play DCity. Combined with on-the-margin mathematics, this leads to a very dynamic market of buyers and sellers. Today I want to take a look at one way users might able to get a boost in DCity, and that is using events to bring specialized citizens.

Events are triggered with tokens, so far DCITY has integrated BEER, WEED, CCC and STEM. The events raise your cities stats for 24 hours, which could result in more new immigrants, higher chance of a tech or higher chance of a background for the next day.

But the really exciting dynamic is the 20% chance every 2 hours to bring in new, special citizens!

Each event can only be triggered every 96 hours, so this method is not available for spamming. But between the 4 event types, and hopefully more upcoming, there is plenty to consider. The specialized citizens that arrive are highly valued!

Artists are base population with Creativity.

These are somewhat valued in the market, slightly more than immigrants or homeless.

Workers are base population, HARD WORKERS are base plus INCOME

Workers are valued, and HARD WORKERS are hard to find. These can sell for quite a bit.

So far the most highly valued specialized citizens is the Scientist, probably because their bonuses help mine tech cards.

Scientists are base population plus Education.

Now, events are not the only way to get these fun citizen cards. Remember that Homeless and Immigrant cards can be trained by any city with a Job Center and Positive Popularity.

Homeless and Immigrant cards have a chance to appear each day based on a cities popularity:

So some cities accumulate Homeless and Immigrants more than others, but any city with positive popularity and at least one Job Center can train them....its just very slow....

With the events, on the other hand, each giving you 12, 20% chances which would imply an average of 2.4 citizens per event. To us it seems very promising to spend these tokens!

What else are you doing with these tribe tokens?

Having a use case for these tribe tokens makes me very happy. Instead of thinking whether we should dump them on the open market or hold them to dump later, now we are thinking about what the expected value of having all events all the time would be!

This is bullish for the participating tokens, and now we are even considering posting using the STEM tag, since the M is for mathematics we are hoping we can get away with it most of the time!

This is not advice, it is History. Always do your own Homework.

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I must start posting creative posts to get those creative tokens too. I started a beer and weed fest. Thanks for elaborating well.

Thank you @ecoinstats, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

I tried very hard but I couldn't understand playing this game.