BLURT and ZAPATA launch tonight! GHOSTBANKER is running servers!

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As reported last week, the BLURT fork of STEEM has itself forked, over steemit inc stake, and has now become also, ZAPATA. At 6am UTC, these chains will be born.

Here at the Synergy Fund we have been invited to participate, and so we have launched witnesses on @ghostbanker account

Currently @Ghostbanker appears to be making lots of blocks for Blurt! And we are just getting started on Zapata.

Here on Hive, @thecrazygm and @ecoinstant, along with @stuffbyspencer run @lootkit.witness.

We are a crazy clever crew, looking to build cool things for the future. And we would really appreciate your vote.


Hasta Tomorrow - we have a long night ahead of us!

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Ah nice to finally put a name to @lookit.witness, always wondered who it was. You should post something from it to let us know it's you.

I really should. The no publicity strategy is not working that well. 😁

Monthly posts do great(My witness group still needs to do ours but with this holiday weekend, we've been busy). Shows that you've been doing stuff to encourage voting for your witness.

So have they literally just gone live, or going live in 30 mins? I always struggle with the difference between UTC and GMT.

It's quite exciting. New witnesses seem to make something 'proper'.

Do you think that's a weakness of certain Hive side-chains? The fact that one can have hundreds of thousands of LEO but almost no influence over the witnesses?

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Great question. We are more bullish than ever that LEO could fork its own chain if, and hopefully only if, really needed.

UTC and GMT is basically the same thing, the only difference being that GMT is still actually used as time zone for actual countries (but not all year round because of summer time...) and UTC is the scientific standard that is used, e.g. by Linux computers internally and as such most internet servers, and could generally be considered "universal time", not in use as a time zone anywhere.

UCT must be set to British summer time, because I'm in the UK and it's 8.50, according to UCT it's 7.50.

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British winter time, here in Europe winter time is our standard time, but yes.

Thank you @ecoinstats, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

So epic!

Do you have zapata link???

thanks :)