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We have made a number of posts about ARCHON tribe, we are participants, and also represent, across several accounts, the largest governance share and largest investment in the tribe. ARCHON is an open tribe, and it is being built as we speak. From the successful launch of the WorkerBee Mining Pool, to the continuous testing of the Proposal and Petition System, this tribe is continuously developing and growing .

We have found ourselves as one of the major posters about this tribe, and as such is our role as a Synergy Fund, to help fill in what a project needs most, we will continue to post and to make noise about all the exciting stuff going on behind the scenes, explaining the detail and the nuance to those who haven't spend time combing through the discord for details.

But before we dive into the ARCHONM mining tokens specifically, let's review some of the highlights.

ARCHON Tribe Features:

Currently Any post that sets 5% or more beneficiary to @archon-gov will receive the trail votes.

Another feature is the Petition and Proposal System. This is at the heart of the 'governance layer-ware' ARCHON is developing, and it is possible to imagine other groups wanting to have these features applied to their group(s), communities, tribe(s) and/or token(s). ARCHON tribe is at the forefront of testing exciting DPoS governance tools and developments.

Plus the Governance Power (GP) protocol, which is determined by a combined distribution of tribe tokens and miner tokens, and can be seen updated daily on @archon-mining posts.

What do ARCHONM do?

ARCHONM deliver ARCHON and HIVE rewards each day. They also provide 50% of the Governance Power of the Tribe for selecting curation and voting on proposals and petitions. These only 1000 tokens ever in existence, will help guide the tribe. And the fact is, they are nearly sold out. There are a few more ARCHONM still left for sale:

Who have bought all of these miners? Well, remember that a small number (50) were airdropped to UFMM holders, and another 50 were airdropped to early ARCHON stakers. Here is the current richlist:

While there are still 20 or so left on the market, I figured I would give this pitch. There is still time to get your hands on 1 in a 1000 miner for this tribe that we are building, openly to openly support open development and the all the things that our tribe members want to support.

What is the right price to buy the miner at? We thought we were visionaries to buy as many as we did at 20 hive. But we have continued to buy up to the present day for almost double that price because we believe.....that we can build something much more valuable together.

100,000 hive does not seem to us like an outrageous value for a tribe that is successfully building and developing. And if we subtract the value of ~126,000 total supply at a hive value of 0.125 hive, or 15750 in value, that leaves us with 84250, or 84.25 HIVE per ARCHONM.

These are just napkin calculations folks. This is not financial advice. We actually think the tribe could be worth way more than 100k HIVE after a year of continuous development with a growing community behind it. But even if that is the case, all of that value might not necessarily be attributed to the miner, maybe the ARCHON token price will take in all of that value.

As we strive to create something of value, to achieve the valuations that we appraise, we invite you to consider joining us. Please use the #archon (or #upfundme) tag, and consider giving a 5% beneficiary to @archon-gov to trigger the trail.

Freedom and Friendship!

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This is financial advice right?!

We can confirm that this is NOT financial advise.

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