Netflix Adding Ads to its business model in the US and UK

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Netflix has decided that they will be breaking their membership into different grades so that payment for the lowest ones can have adverts. Netflix has denied that they want to participate in any of the advertising shenanigans flying around but with the current inflation and struggle going on in these Big Tech companies, it’s a miracle they hadn’t started sooner.

Thursday last week they brought out their cheaper advertising ad payment plan for those in the US and some other 8 countries.

Part of the reason Netflix has grown so big has been because of the ability to binge-watch whatever you want and not be interrupted by adverts like you would be if you were watching normal TV. This was the promise and the delivery that brought everyone around the world to Netflix in the first place.

I will not be surprised if they start allowing mainstream media outlets to start streaming on their app so we can complete the cycle of going back to mind-control media programming.

Even though Netflix is still the number one streaming service it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have competition. Netflix, Apple TV plus, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock and the like have been existing and taking up space in the market Netflix does not acknowledge exists and that is the space for those with less money. All these others companies are already offering this to their customers and Netflix would be losing to them if they didn’t consider it.

If you have been using Netflix without Ads popping up while you watch movies then you won’t but if you don’t mind to you can go to their lower tier if you live in Canada, Mexico, the US, Australia, or Brazil. France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain and the UK.

I’d Like to know what you think about all this if you live in these countries and if you will be considering subscribing to it.

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When we came back to the UK we lived with my mum for a bit (renting with 4 cats is remarkably difficult) and had to watch broadcast and ad-supported TV. Ugh, I hope to never go back to that, even if it means 🏴‍☠️

Lol...well, I hope everyone can afford to live that life though. I think they want to do business with lower earners.