Is China set to lead the world in aircraft design?

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The news design C919 has passed its ‘Type certification’ test which is a big step in world domination for this airbus even though experts predict it will be years before this machine will be a top earner for the country.

Passing this rate-limiting step is a very important step in China’s C919 taking over the space air space from giants like Boeing Co. And EADSY but there is still a wide gap between this aircraft and its competition.

Xi Jinping, China’s leader visited those who were working on this aircraft. The news we are getting is that the “type certification” was given by the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration using their regulations.

The C919 still has 2 more tests it has to pass before it will be deemed fit to carry passengers.

Speaking in a meeting in Beijing Xi explained that it has been the hope and dreams for them to compete in the aviation industry and it will require the country to gather its resources to make it a possibility.

The efforts to build this aircraft have been ongoing since 2007 but not worth the results were seen in 2014 after Xi visited the manufacturers. The manufacturer is the Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China or better known as Comac.

China’s leader explained that it will never be a “true power” until it can safely commercialize its aviation industry. This is all part of their plan to reduce their dependency on the need for foreign sources and ensure that domestically-made aircraft are utilised.

This aircraft accepts up to 168 passengers and can go a distance of nearly 3,500 miles.

The two important certifications this aircraft needs to attain are the papers required to produce in mass and the “airworthiness certificate” for all the jets that are subsequently produced by the team.

Next year they are looking forward to producing 4 more after they attain all the required certifications.

How do you feel about this new aircraft? How do you feel about made-in-China products in general? What does China’s leader mean when he says “true power”?

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Oh that’s interesting. I have been listening to the podcast about xi from the economist.

The communist party wants to be independent on many fronts. Looks like that makes them feel great

I'll need to check that out. I think they take the whole world power thing more seriously than America does.

Yeah, they’ve learned from America that the best way to protect your countries interests is to control the world.

And where the USA has a different government every 4 years, Xi now seems to be able to rule chain China for the rest of his life. So they have a strategic plan for decades to come…

Ironically you misspelled stealing technology...

Basically that's all they want to do is copy and produce a substandard product and steel business from quality aeronautical institutions that actually have standards.

Absolutely I would not want to fly on a commercial airline that had a bunch of made in communist China airplanes as they can't even get flip flops right.

Pretty scary and I don't think the communist China organization is going to survive much longer as China is a complete mess. Financially they can't even afford to take back Taiwan.