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I was doing a little research for a blog post recently when I came across "HIVE blockchain". I was super excited because I thought that it had something to do with what we have going on here. It turns out they are totally different. For a moment, I thought Hive had a bitcoin mining operation going on somewhere.

But having the name "HIVE" in the same space can lead to some confusion, wouldn't you agree? What if someone were to search for "Hive blockchain"? We would pop up, but so would this mining operation. It could lead to a loss of interest (of course, if it were meant to be, you wouldn't) and a few missed people could be a lot.

If you search for when "Hive blockchain technology" was established, what comes up is June 24, 1987, which is very weird considering bitcoin was made in 2009. There is no way that they had anything to do with the initial 1991 Stuart Haber blockchain.

On the 20th of this month, they appointed a new Chief Executive Officer, Aydin Kilic. Reading the blog that came up with the story just seemed like a bureaucratic meshwork.

But Hive blockchain technology is sort of a big deal in the stock market and is currently listed on Nasdaq and managed to keep their stock above $1, even when others like Argo fell below and were to be delisted.

I think they have a lot of strength and have built value for themselves. In a weird way, I want them to win simply because of their name (I am so tribal at times), but this is like a Trojan horse. On the online space, there can only be one Hive.

Hive blog has already beaten this competitor because our brand is different from theirs and has a vast application and better spread. How many people want to buy some random stock from a company that has lots of information to show nothing? All they do is print receipts; their whole function is to keep bitcoin transaction data. Hive has transaction data and much more; it's an endless list of current use and potential.

I think what we need to do is optimize a lot of our works for search engines so that when people search "Hive blockchain", we can be number one. We are currently number two after them, but I think it's just a matter of time. We are currently number one on the search for "Hive Blog", but just underneath us are several blogs that will never catch up.

Even though I am not the social media type, I have noticed that there are so many others who are steadily working on sharing content on different pages. I even saw people on TikTok sharing Hive content.

Where we need to really work on is advertisement and influencers. If we had more ads popping up on YouTube like Brave browser does, it would do a lot of good.

The more people click on our page as the appropriate search result for "Hive Blockchain Technology", the more mainstream we will be.

I just fear what comes with mainstream adoption sometimes, but just because I don't want people fighting with opposite ideologies on this blog doesn't mean we don't deserve it.

What are your thoughts on all this? How do you think we can outdo this competition? Should we be focused in any way on that? Let me know in the comment section below.

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You you just stated, there can be only one HIVE. I remember,recently when I told a friend about Hiveblog. He didn't hesitate to open his Google and the result he showed to me was about Hive blockchain, I had to give him the link . I think more attention should be payed to increase the SEO ranking of Hiveblog

With more posts and clicks I think it helps to move