Elon Musk is suspending Twitter accounts! So much for free speech

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He is now being called the Twitter Thanos as he snaps his fingers and gets rid of accounts on Twitter he does not like.

The first to take the hit was the account of Mastodon which is a competing social media brand mastodon on Twitter. Then he stopped users from sharing links to Mastodon, which kind of makes you wonder if there is free speech on Twitter or if there is just Elon's speech.

In addition to suspending those who want to leave or talk about leaving Elon Musk suspended the accounts of journalists who were talking about his activities in Vermont. The reason why these accounts were suspended was that they were talking about what was being talked about which to Elon Musk counted as “Doxxing”.

The problem with all this is that Elon Musk has actually Doxxed someone on Twitter posting their license plate number and asking if anyone knows the car or the number. But the reason why it was not taken as doxxing was because it was not done in real-time.

In my opinion, it's his app and he can do what he likes on his app but at the same time, people won’t have to take it for long. I imagine that people are searching up the app that made people's tweets get blocked and they are joining the app simply because he tried to shot them up.

On the flip side, the reason Elon Musk suspended Mastodon’s account was that they were promoting Tweets of that journalist who tried to doxxed Elon Musk. To be fair he was suspending everyone who talked about the issue.

I am sure Mastodon saw this as an opportunity to capitalise on the fact that free speech was lacking. But I still feel Elon messed up when he posted those license plate numbers.

Anyway, this has been my opinion and I am waiting to know yours. What do you think about the situation, is Elon right? Have people been right about him, I can see him so clearly now as Elon Thanos Musk. But what do you think?

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