Tech is changing Africa

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Recently we have seen many changes in youth of africa and how technology has helped so many of them to be financially free, help them survive the horrible economy but this don't just happen at once, it was a gradual process. in this video I talk about the financial evolution of Africans from agriculture to education and to the path of technology.

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The world is evolving technologically and am glad Africa is tapping into this opportunity. Especially for African, it is a means to alleviate poverty for those that tap into its opportunity.

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This opportunities must not pass us by and we must do everything to keep using this tech for our own good

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I see so many wonderful and talented people of across and around the Africa are joining Hive. And some of them are very skilled coders and developers.

Yes, technological empowerment to the nation provides so many opportunities for the youth to shine in.

Technology is empowering the African youth and providing better income for them to fight against this bad economy

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Economy is extremely bad globally, specially African, South American, and Asian countries are in worst conditions, recently you've seen what happened in Sri Lanka.

Blockchain technology is also providing good opportunities to deteriorated economic nations.

Technology is changing the world but is the internet doing fine over there? I can't really imagine what would happen to me if I lost the internet.

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Internet has given so many Africans power. The endsars protest started from twitter and so many significant things I could refer too

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