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RE: Do you own what you bought?

in LeoFinance2 years ago

I can honestly say that since I have joined Steemit and started to move about the place, I was drawn to it and even in down times, don't consider looking for a better place. With the promise of Voice coming in February, I'm hoping there isn't the abandon ship attitude that came when Weku arrived. It was a complete ghost town here, but, eventually, they all came back or hung up their pens.

I was thinking about the control the government has over things, as do companies. It is a pretty scary thought they can give and take away just as easy. I have to wonder, that leads me to the question, if the grid ever went down, would we even have crypto?

You always have such tip worthy writes! Thank you!


With the promise of Voice coming in February,

I hear they could appear on steem, since they aren't going to be on EOS directly. Would be interesting.

I found it funny when people went to Weku and the like saying it would be better. Same people.... Kind of like that idea of doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Thank you for the support :)