March 29th 2021 - Cable Not Contracting?


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A year after COVID-19 became global fact of life, it could be, with great dose of certainty, said that it accelerated certain socio-economic trends. Among those trends the most notable is newly-found popularity of work from home, as well as deurbanisation. But, some trends are, on the other hand, likely to be stopped and decelerated because of the pandemic.

One of such trends is, ironically, “cord cutting”. In recent years increased number of people in USA and other Western countries have decided to abandon cable television in their home and instead use various Internet-based streaming services and television channels instead. This makes perfect sense, because cable television is usually delivered in packages that are too expensive; in order to enjoy a handful of television channels, users are forced to pay for dozens or hundreds of channels that don’t have any particular interest for them.

Yet, the pandemic might might slow down this process, because lockdowns and rampaging unemployment force people to spend increasing amounts of time in their homes with nothing better to do than stare at the tube. Many who would otherwise completely switch to Internet streaming are still awaiting better financial situation for Internet-friendly TV sets, while some see cable TV as useful backup in case of Internet going down (just as many still keep fixed phone lines in their home for emergency situations).

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