January 26th 2021 - Broken Fiber

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(source: Wikimedia Commons)

In new COVID-19 state of affairs, most of people in "serious" First World countries are condemned to spend majority, if not all of their time indoors. Health and psychological considerations aside, that situation might not be bad if you happen to have job you can do remotely and spend the rest of you free time on Netflix or playing MMORPGs. But, all this new COVID-19 utopia might come crashing down the second after you lose Internet access and it turns out that such state affairs might last somewhat longer.

And this is exactly what has happened to tens of millions of people in Northeastern USA, which is currently going through major Internet outage. It was first noticed by people unable to access or use their Google or Amazon services. The cause of massive outage is identified by Verizon, which claims it to be a "broken fiber in Brooklyn". The problem is not removed yet and Verizon doesn't know when it will be the case.

This incident again shows importance of decentralisation and not having all your eggs in the same basket. What happened to Trump and Parler by design might happen to hundreds of millions of people by accident.

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