Studying companies to invest #09 – Oracle

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Oracle Corporation is a technology company specialized in the development and commercialization of hardware and software as well as databases.


The company made history in the technology sector, however, it took a long time to realize the change in the world to cloud services.

However, Oracle has been trying to compensate for this late perception by turning all its efforts towards this new way of working.


A characteristic of the company that can help in this process is its large presence in US government agencies.

The company's financial history is comprised of negative net debt, good profits, and free cash flow generation, but with no growth in recent years.


The decrease in cash and profits in recent years was due to tax changes and is in effect only accounting.

Possible increases in debt are due to the company's aggressive acquisitions policy that has always bought several companies per year.


Currently, Oracle also offers easy ways to adopt blockchain technology in several segments.

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